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The National Printing Research Council (NPRC) is the printing industry’s premier organization in terms of industry research. NPRC has published more highly respected studies dealing with pricing, wages & benefits, mailing services, sign products, bindery practices, digital printing devices and profitability than all of the other trade associations combined.  Read More….


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NPRC Shares Latest Digital Pricing…

Below are sample prices extracted from NRC's new 2021 Digital Pricing Survey. The data is very preliminary, but we thought we would share it with you. Participate in this survey and submit your pricing by Jan. 25th, and you will receive a FREE PDF copy of the final report ...
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How Does Your SPE and Sales Compare to Others in the Printing Industry?

Jan. 8, 2021 - We discovered some new stuff earlier today that we think you might find interesting! We were checking out our recent study on wages (The 2021 Printing Industry Wage & Benefits Study) when we came across three interesting graphs that we thought might be worth sharing with ...
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NPRC Launches Popular Biennial Survey

Dear Fellow Printer - We need your support! Once again, NPRC is launching what has clearly become one of its most popular and long-standing biennial surveys - the 2021-22 Digital Color Pricing Survey. We've been producing top-notch, highly accurate pricing surveys like this for more than 25 years, but we can't ...
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Look for Lower Valued Companies Says Hunt

Purchasing a company from the buyer’s perspective Industry Expert Larry Hunt Suggests Looking for Lower Valued Companies By John Stewart We recently turned to our long-time friend, industry expert and author Larry Hunt and asked him for his comments as they might pertain to our recent popular blog post titled, ...
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NPRC to Launch New Digital Survey

Ho, ho, ho! No Need to spend the holiday season attempting to complete a cumbersome, 57-page, 720-question pricing survey being promoted by one of our competitors (Yes, that's a gigantic, huge, humongous survey <g>) when there's a much better choice... On Jan 4-6, 2021 the National Printing Research Council (NPRC) ...
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Print Shop For Sale (6th Printing)

Print Shop for Sale, one of NPRC's all-time, most popular bookstore publications, is now back in stock. Quantities are limited, however, and available only as a hard copy. Sorry, no PDFs.  Don't put your business up for sale or offer to buy a competitor until you purchased a copy of ...
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“Excess Earnings” Are Key to High Valuations!

NPRC SPECIAL REPORT - NOV. 2020 "EXCESS EARNINGS" ARE KEY TO HIGH COMPANY VALUATIONS! NPRC is offering, for a limited time, a special report detailing real world valuations for 48 printing firms. The report features four special valuation charts. Each chart features key factors used to arrive at a typical ...
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2021 Wage & Benefits Study Just Released!

The 2021 NPRC Printing Industry Wage & Benefits Study has just been released (effective Nov. 2, 2020), according to NPRC Executive Director John Stewart. The new 150+ page study reports average and median wages, along with key benefits, for 24 key positions in the printing industry.  This brand new report ...
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