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Are Grants & Loans Really Necessary for Survival?

By John Stewart, Executive Director, NPRC Are printers counting on government grants and Loans to survive the Covid-19 crisis?  Well, checking out various printing industry list servs, it certainly appears that many printers are indeed doing just that! Instead of returning to the basics and concentrating on improving key financial ...
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Save 18% on Popular NPRC Benchmarking Study!

Special discount available only to website visitors! One of NPRC's Most Popular Studies!!!  NPRC's 2019-2020 Financial Benchmarking Study is credited by hundreds of owners in our industry with helping them improve their firm's profitability and productivity. This study has helped hundreds of printers around the U.S. achieve new, much higher levels ...
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Save 16% on NPRC Mailing Study

PRIVATE SALE ANNOUNCEMENT* Use Coupon to Save 16% On Association's Newest Study *This announcement is limited to readers of the NPRC Website Only! Now, for the first time, you can save 16% on NPRC's recently released pricing study - The 2020-2021 Mailing Services Pricing Study. First published in February 2020 ...
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PPP Payments Outpace Stimulus Checks 2:1

Covid-19 "Take #2" 5-15-20 - The National Printing Research Council (NPRC) continues to serve the printing, mailing and sign industries with a series of statistical surveys designed to keep owners informed regarding major industry trends. Of course nothing has had a greater impact on our combined industries than the current ...
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Shocking – Printers Report April Sales Down 44%!

Early, preliminary results from NPRC's newest survey, Covid-19 "Take #2," are in and the results are nothing short of shocking! Although approximately 81% of printers who responded told us they are back to "close to normal" in terms of actually being open for business, the financial picture is far more ...
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Brushing Up Your Pricing Practices

A Special Alert - that NPRC is reminding owners that operate printing, mailing and sign companies that they can download a copy of our 2017 Hourly Rates & Mark-Up Practices Report absolutely free. This offer is simply our way of saying thanks to folks like yourself who have supported our ...
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Free Covid-19 Survey Report

Covid-19 Survey Report Available for Download... Almost 280 printers, mailers and owners of sign companies turned out and answered recent survey on Covid-19. As the 8-page report notes at the beginning, "Shock, amazement and surprises (both good and bad) are just a few of the reactions we experienced this ...
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Corona Virus Factoid Sheet

There's a lot of misinformation going around and the last thing we want to do is contribute to that misinformation. Nonetheless, we received the following, second hand, from an immunologist at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center in Baltimore. I wish we could supply the name but we could not find ...
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