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National Printing Research Council Seeks To
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The National Printing Research Council (NPRC) is a new printing industry trade association founded by industry consultant and author John Stewart and former Quick Printing magazine editor Bob Hall. The new organization is dedicated to gathering and sharing, on a confidential basis, key financial and marketing data essential to improving both profits and sales in today’s highly competitive environment. We invite you to explore this site and then seriously consider joining our new organization because we are convinced that, by working together and sharing information, every member will prosper.   Read More….


So, You Want to Sell Your Business?

Factors Impacting the Value of Your Business So, You’re Thinking of Selling Your Business?
By John Stewart, Executive Director, NPRC “Hi John, I think it’s time for a valuation. Lindsey and I are almost 60 and we’re giving some serious to selling the business and retiring, so what’s the first ...
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NPRC Releases New Digital Printer Survey

NPRC has just released its newest study - The 2017 Survey of Color Digital Printers, a 60-page report providing average and median ratings and performance data for 36 different digital devices. The new report is based upon input received from more than 280 survey participants.* If you're looking to upgrade ...
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List of Digital Printer Survey Participants – Are You Eligible?

The list below is an alpha listing by company name of firms who participated in NPRC's recent 2017 Survey of Color Digital Printers and thus are entitled to a FREE PDF of the final report. All participants, as listed below, were sent an advance notice email, plus two special emails ...
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Save 30% on 2015-16 Mailing Services Study

NPRC is running a special 30% off sale on one of its most popular industry studies - The 2015-16 Mailing Services Pricing Study. This information-packed report contains pricing info on more than 45 key services and products provided in the mailing services industry. This special sale ends July 31st. Retail price ...
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NPRC Releases Hourly Rates Report

The 2017 Hourly Rates & Mark-up Practices Report, a 58-page special report published by NPRC, will be available for purchase on June 28, 2017. This brand-new publication, based upon a recent survey conducted by NPRC in early June, attracted more than 240 printing firms. The new report offers a special ...
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Save 40% On Digital Pricing Survey

Take advantage of this special, limited-time offer from NPRC. Place your order for this popular study no later than Aug. 16, 2017 and save 40% or $91.50 on the 2016-2017 Printing Industry Digital Pricing Study. This special NPRC Study is 114-pages in length and illustrates the latest pricing for digital ...
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Improving SPE Can Add $200,000 to Bottom Line

  Like it or not, there is an enormous chasm between printing firms when we measure them based upon their sales per employee (SPE). On the one side, we have firms reporting average SPEs of $160,000 or greater while on the other side we have firms reporting average SPEs of ...
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Huge Takeaways from Latest NPRC Ratio Study

 Although the just-released 72-page, 2017-2018 Financial Benchmarking Study published by NPRC is filled with key financial ratios, there is one page that virtually screams out at the reader with the following warning... “You cannot survive, let-alone prosper in this industry if you allow your business to report key performance ratios ...
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