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The National Printing Research Council (NPRC) is now the printing industry’s premier organization in terms of industry research. NPRC has already published more studies dealing with pricing, wages & benefits, bindery practices, digital printing devices and key financial ratios than all other trade associations combined. NPRC, founded by industry consultant and author John Stewart and former Quick Printing magazine editor Bob Hall, is a trade association dedicated to gathering and sharing, on a confidential basis, key financial and marketing data essential to improving both profits and sales in today’s highly competitive environment. We invite you to explore this site and then seriously consider joining our new organization because we are convinced that, by working together and sharing information, every member will prosper.

The printing industry’s leading publisher of key studies designed to enhance profits and sales.

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Selling “Partner” Increases Business Value!

The Endowment Principle
And Valuing Your Business
By John C. Stewart, Executive Director, NPRC “The endowment principle suggests that an owner of an object tends to attribute a higher value to that object because he owns it. Consequently, the owner of a business may think that the business has a ...
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Save 25% on 2018 Bindery Services Report

25% Sale Ends Saturday, Aug. 18th! Act between now and Aug. 18th and save 25% on NPRC's latest industry Pricing Study. The 2018 Printing Industry Bindery Services Pricing Study covers literally dozens of popular bindery products and services. Retail Price (PDF) $159
Retail Price (Hard Copy) $179 Price with Coupon ...
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Major Pricing Variations a Myth!

Pricing Variations Between Markets
A Myth Says Industry Pricing Expert
By John C. Stewart, Executive Director, NPRC As Executive Director of the National Printing Research Council, and publisher of key industry pricing studies for the past 30+ years, there is one recurring question or comment I tend to hear repeated ...
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Download 2018 Sign Survey Worksheet

Ok, you've procrastinated enough, OR maybe you just heard about this new survey aimed at the sign and large format industry. We are currently conducting a brand new survey covering a variety of sign industry products and services - items such as vinyl signs, banners, posters, vertical banners, feather flags, ...
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NPRC Releases 2018 Bindery Services Pricing Study

The 2018 Printing Industry Bindery Services Pricing Study is now available for immediate shipment. Published by the National Printing Research Council (NPRC), this new study offers the most detailed analysis of bindery services ever published in the printing industry. This nedw study, released May 15, 2018, covers literally dozens and dozens ...
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Pricing Study – Table of Contents and Sample Pricing Page

You asked for it, so we did it! Recently we received some inquiries from owners who have been thinking about purchasing our latest pricing study - The 2018 Digital Color Pricing Study, but told us that before they placed an order they would like to view the Table of Contents - ...
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Business Card Pricing – Minor Corrections

Ooops - We made a mistake. It wasn't our first and it probably won't be our last. In any event, we reported some incorrect "Business Card Pricing Data" in the 2018 Digital Color Pricing Study. Specifically, the pricing errors applies only to the per unit pricing for  digital business cards ...
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Sample Pricing From Bindery Survey

NEW NPRC BINDERY SERVICES SURVEY Interested in some preliminary, “early bird” sample pricing extracted from NPRC’s 2018 Bindery Services Pricing Survey?– then check out some of our pricing below. Remember, every printing firm that participates in this survey will receive a copy of the final ...
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