What is a “listserv”?


Is it time to join the NPRC Listserv? You decide!

Industry listservs are proving more and more popular with many printers. Printers, especially those who own printing firms with sales under $2 million, often join industry listservs or forums because they believe such membership can help them improve their businesses.

Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with these types of tools. We’re going to ignore “forums” right now, and address instead something that can be very beneficial for your business – Listservs!

How Does a Listserv Work?

A “listserv ” is a very efficient method for communicating with dozens and dozens (if not hundreds) of fellow printers, sign companies and mailing firms. Imagine the following scenario: You have a critical challenge facing your business and you would like to quickly survey a group of your peers and ask them how they would handle a specific problem.

Maybe you’re facing a challenge purchasing paper and you would like to know if any of your peers have started a purchasing co-op, or something similar.

Using the NPRC Listserv

As a member of the NPRC listserv, all you do is to write a simple email describing your challenges and send it off to the listserv email address at [email protected] (this email address will only work if you have first subscribed to the listserv), and within minutes your simple message arrives in the in-box of all members of the list, whether it’s a dozen, 50 or however many members of the list exist at that time.

Now it’s up to the members of the listserv to decide whether and how they will respond to your email. Many recipients will simply read the email and then move on without responding. A few, however, maybe because they are familiar with your problem or challenge, will prepare a response and post it to the list. That response, like all communications to the listserv, is automatically redistributed to members of the list.

Managing Your Listserv

Yes indeed, the scenario described above, over time, can generate a fair number of emails. However, experienced listserv subscribers quickly learn which emails to respond to and which ones to ignore. Some recipients will feel they have something new and constructive to offer, while others will either have no interest in the subject and thus feel no need to respond.

Many experienced listserv subscribers quickly learn how to manage emails from the listserv by setting up a “redirect” in their email programs that will direct or place all incoming emails from a specific sender (in this case the NPRC listserv) into a specially designated folder – maybe using a simple name like “My Printing Listserv.”  his action helps to separate and manage important business email from important, but less critical email from the listserv.

Active Poster or Lurker – It’s up to you. You are free to join and just read emails when they are posted. There is no obligation or requirement to post or respond to posts. For additional information regarding the listserv, contact Armand Girard at: [email protected]

Are you ready to give it a try?  If so, visit www.nprcprintownerslist.com


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