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Of course we absolutely believe in the information and guidance provided by this book, but we’re not the only one’s hailing it’s relevance and effectiveness…


“Wow, this book really opened my eyes about the real value of my business. When you hold something near and dear such as a business, you tend to exaggerate it’s intangible values. Print Shop For Sale brought me back to earth and explained in a way I could understand what the true value is and why.”


Wm. (Bill) Howard
Triangle Reprocenter of Princeton
Princeton, NJ


“‘Print Shop for Sale” is hands down the best reference for valuing a printing business that I have ever read. And this endorsement comes from a top Certified Business Broker who has successfully completed over 25 printing company transactions himself. This book is a must have whether you are acquiring a shop, selling yours now, or are doing financial planning for an exit strategy.”


George Hicks, CBI, CBB, Sr. Vice President
Business Team – Business Sales & Acquisitions
Torrance, CA
“Broker of the Year, 2008”


“Finally, a book that clearly defines print shop valuation! As someone who has purchased several printing companies over the years, one of the most difficult aspects of each purchase has been sorting through all the formulas, myths and misconceptions of valuation to come up with a fair, mutually acceptable price. Your book has set the standard for both buyers and sellers. ‘Print Shop For Sale’ is much more than simply a book about valuation. With your benchmarks, tables and commentary, you have provided both an operating guide and a strategic planner… every bit as important as the industry Ratio, Pricing and Compensation Studies.”


George Lestina
IPC Graphics
St. Louis, MO


“I Can’t operate my business without this ‘map.’ Thank you.


Cahill Jones
Boise, ID


This book is a real eye-opener. We all think our businesses are worth more than they are. This book covers various valuation methods and has the table and charts to back it up. And they can be understood even by a novice financial-minded owner. It’s easy to fill in the blanks on the charts and accurately value any print business. If I wanted to sell my business, which I don’t, I can value it fairly and have substantial documentation to support my position.

And more importantly for me, I can take the numbers that a potential seller gives me and to a fairly accurate degree, I can now tell him what his business is actually worth as compared to what he thinks it is worth. I will only buy what is fairly priced for both parties and not help some owner retire on the beach at my expense.

Overall, a very easy and practical read and in my case, it provides valuable information to prevent buyers from overpaying.


Ken Coleman, President/CEO
Sir Speedy Printing
Prescott, AZ 86301


Hi John,

I’ve poured through the book and used the worksheets and have found great value in the logic and methodology. It will prove incredibly helpful as I analyze a print shop to buy. Thanks to you and Larry for creating such a useful resource.


Mike Orr
Scrapbooks to Share
South Florida


“I used the Print Shop for Sale book and forms as our industry bible to value and broker a merger transaction. It is easy to understand and does a great job of breaking out some of the more subtle, but very important categories that effect a business valuation. I highly recommend reading it even if you are only contemplating a sale or purchase of a printing business – you’ll know what’s important and how it’s measured.”


Eileen Rogers, President
Allegra Print & Imaging
Tucson, AZ


“Industry consultants Larry Hunt and John Stewart have hit the bulls-eye with their new book, Print Shop For Sale. The authors set out to take the mystery and complexity out of valuing a printing firm and they have done just that with their new book. The book provides an easy-to-use, step-by-step approach for establishing a “fair market value” for a printing business, whether it’s your own or one you are looking to purchase. Print Shop For Sale offers a thorough discussion of various valuation approaches along with examples of each, and then explains in detail the method the authors think is best-suited for valuing printing businesses in the $250,000 to $5 million range. I highly recommend this book as well as the optional valuation CD.”


Brian O’Day, President
Eprint, Portland, OR
Former Chairman, NAQP


“Print Shop For Sale, the new book by John Stewart and Larry Hunt, is a must read for sellers, buyers and those advising them on the purchase or sale of a printing business. A few years ago, Larry Hunt wrote the “industry bible” on how to value a quick print shop. This new book takes this topic to an entirely new level. Print Shop For Sale provides the tools, including working examples, that almost anyone can use to establish a realistic value range for virtually any quick/small commercial shop.”


Carl Gerhardt
President & CEO
Allegra Network, LLC
Northville, MI 48167


“I have just finished reading Print Shop For Sale and I have to say it is a book that EVERY print shop owner should have in their library. Not only does this book allow you to determine the business’s worth, more importantly it allows the owner to determine how to increase the value of the business so that when it is time to sell they will be in a position to sell at top dollar. Thanks to you and Larry Hunt for a wonderful contribution to the printing industry.”


Armand Girard
Curry Printing & Mailing
Auburn, ME


“Print Shop for Sale is worth every dollar of the purchase price. It is a great resource not only if you are planning on purchasing a business but also in selling.

If you are planning on selling your business in the next 3 – 5 years it is a great tool to help you structure the company to get the best value out of the company…. As a former CPA and a banker prior to purchasing my company some 20 years ago, I find the book to be well organized and logical. It goes into great depth in explaining the basis for the valuations and how to arrive at them. The formulas are very practical and can be applied to various size companies.

I have found the book to be a valuable tool during my quests in looking at acquisitions. In fact I am using the information from the book in my current evaluation of a company. I even offered it to the seller so they can also understand the appropriate value of their company.

I have found that so many times business brokers come up with unrealistic valuations of companies for their clients. Many times these values are unrealistically high. This book is the ideal resource for the seller to understand the true value of their company.

I have enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it to anyone considering selling their company or acquiring a company. Heck it would be an excellent Christmas present for any of your business associates!”


Jerry Mechell
Swifty Printing & Graphics
Arlington, TX


“Most helpful. I think owners should always be aware of the value of their business and options to be evaluated to change this value!”


Doug Carlile
Professional Print & Mail
Fresno, CA


“Just what I needed to put a realistic value on my business. Need to address franchise royalties.”


Lowell Weaner
Pensacola, FL


“Your book, ‘Print Shop For Sale’ was extremely helpful to our business. We found the book to be practical, useful and easy to understand. Your book made us think of issues we had not considered.”


Jennifer (Ritter) Kelly
Ritters Printing
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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