Prices Driven by the Market, Not Costs!

The following is an excerpt from the Executive Summary of the 2021-2022 NPRC Digital Color Pricing Study:

Market-Driven Pricing – We cannot stress enough the fact that prices presented in this study reflect prices as they are in the industry, and not necessarily what should be! Only you can determine the proper price to charge for a specific product or service.

People sometimes call our report a Pricing Guide and we clarify this by noting, that our industry studies make no attempt whatsoever to establish or suggest to printers what they should charge for specific services.

What this study accomplishes is to accurately portray “real world” average and median prices being charged for dozens and dozens of digitally products and services in our industry. The prices are “what they are,” and not “what they should be.” Only you can make that determination.

“The prices are ‘what they are,’ and not ‘what they should be.’ Only you can make that determination.”

As is so often the case in this industry, the prices currently being charged for products and services are far more likely to be based upon a variety of market conditions rather than upon actual costs of production. In many situations in this industry, products are often sold for far more that their actual production costs plus a standard markup might otherwise suggest or warrant.

This is due in large measure to the ability of many printers to sell their products at prices based upon their “perceived value” rather than based upon a laundry list of costs and mark-ups. Unfortunately, some printers never really comprehend this concept.

Another factor that contributes to perceived value is the ability of printers to meet or exceed even the most stringent demands of their customers in regard to quality and turnaround time. The greater this ability, the greater the latitude there is in pricing specific products and services. Too many printers we have met over the decades give a great deal of lip service to claims about quality and customer service but often fail miserably when put to the test. They claim great customer service when in fact, compared to others, it is mediocre. Claims of high quality are often equally exaggerated as well.

“Too many printers we have met over the decades give a great deal of lip service to claims about quality and customer service but often fail miserably when put to the test.”

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NPRC Releases 2018 Bindery Services Pricing Study

The 2018 Printing Industry Bindery Services Pricing Study is now available for immediate shipment from the National Printing Research Council (NPRC). This brand new study is one of the most popular pricing studies published in the printing industry. Released May 15, 2018, this study covers pricing for dozens and dozens of bindery services and products. 

The new report also provides both average and median pricing, plus in many cases, the study provides per thousand pricing as well. Just Click here to view the Table of Contents for this just-released study.

These are just a few of the services and products covered in this new study: 3-hole drilling, cutting, folding, collating, numbering (both digital and crash numbering), perfect binding, booklet making, regular and NCR padding as well as dozens of other charges. Visit the NPRC Bookstore today to place your order.

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