NPRC Listserv Celebrates Anniversary

Approximately one year ago this month, two printers, Armand Girard and John Stewart, printers with more than 50+ years of experience between them, decided that the industry needed a new, more open listserv that would be available free to all printers. They were looking for a legitimate listserv that was open to all and did not impose special conditions like requiring  that you first join a specific trade association. They couldn’t find one so they started their own – The nprcrintownerslist.

They launched the site on Oct. 20, 2021 and advertised it using two email marketing lists. They waited four days for the 1st post. “It was like waiting for a child to be born,” recalls Stewart.

Shortly thereafter, the list started to grow slowly but surely as the word spread, according to Armand Girard. “Today, we have slightly more than 460 members. Occasionally, someone decides to unsubscribe, but then the next day we receive three or four new subscribers,” notes Girard.

Since its launch in Oct. 2021, the listserv has become the most popular list of its kind in the printing industry, featuring more than 460+ subscribers, and tens of thousands of posts on a variety of topics, ranging from special features and costs of the newest digital printers, to new ideas on marketing and hunting down elusive paper stocks and toner.

The new listserv is supported and financed solely by NPRC, and is available absolutely FREE to all owners of printing, mailing and sign firms. If you’re already familiar with listservs and how they work, simply click here and go directly to our sign-up page.

Not familiar with a listserv is or how it works? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Simply visit our special page titled “What is a Listserv?” for a quick explanation. Below is a brief list of topics discussed during one week in late September:

  • KM’s Self Service TCRU program works great!
  • A new quote – $46,900 for fully loaded Versant 280
  • Printer compares Versant 4100 against 280
  • How to avoid white streaks on Memjet Based printers 
  • Printer praises Duplo DC 618 – “Amazing machine!”
  • Morgana & Digifold both praised by Listserv members
  • Listserv Members discuss Pros & Cons of iJetColor
  • Some of the best and worst round-cornering devices

The NPRC Listserv also features an archiving tool that allows subscribers  to check “older” posts appearing prior to their joining the list. “To be honest,” Stewart notes, “we don’t think a lot of subscribers use the archive feature because once they subscribe there is so much current activity and info being shared on the list from the moment they join that people rarely find the time to go back and get caught up. Knowing that it is there, however, seems sufficient for most people.”