NPRC Launches New Bindery Survey

Don’t miss-out. Complete our survey and receive a publication containing more than 1,300 price points for various binery services. this opportunity to analyze and compare your prices for cutting, folding, collating and dozens of other bindery operations against  printers down the street as well as across the country!
Complete this key industry survey and you will receive the final, 100+ page report absolutely for FREE.
Discover how your prices compare for dozens of bindery operations such as drilling, shrink-wrapping, scoring, perfing, numbering and dozens of other operations compare against others. A great opportunity to check whether you’re leaving money on the table or pricing too high.
This Study will sell for $200 or more when it is released in early July, BUT it’s yours absolutely FREE when you complete and submit your survey by the June 6th DEADLINE.
NPRC strongly recommends
that participants first download, print and complete our survey WORKSHEET (the Green Button). Once that is done, you will visit our official on-line Survey Site (The Red Button) where you will re-enter your responses and submit your survey.
Yes, completing a worksheet first takes a bit longer but it is guaranteed to be faster and more efficient in the long-run. You can take 2-3 days to complete your survey worksheet. Once completed, you will visit the official survey site where it should take less than 15 minutes to transfer your answers and submit your survey.
Remember, you can always assign this survey, or a major portion of it, to a trusted manager or other key employee! Make sure, however, to stress the need for accuracy and the June 6th Deadline.

Click this button to download your survey worksheet.

Click this button to submit your answers from worksheet.
Be sure to complete this brand new survey and submit it no later than the June 6th Deadline and we’ll have the final report in your mailbox no later than July 15th.

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