Download Bindery Study Table of Contents

NPRC has just released its 110+ page 2022-23 Bindery Services Pricing Study. This study is packed with the latest pricing for hundreds of bindery services and products.

Basic cutting charges, drilling fees, regular and NCR padding charges, digital numbering, crash numbering, traditional and digital numbering fees, off-line and in-line booklet making fees, and perfect binding are just a few of the dozens and dozens of operation covered in this just-released study.

You can download the Table of Contents here. This study reveals what printers around the country are charging for a myriad of bindery operations. According to our research data, many printers have not raised prices at all in five years or more.

“By failing to raise prices on a regular basis, many printers are leaving thousands $$$ on the table,” notes publisher John Stewart.  “We have research pricing going back six or more years and we have found many printers that have failed to even look at their bindery fees and charges,” adds Stewart.

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NPRC Releases Printing Industry Bindery Study

NPRC has officially release the 2022-23 Printing Industry Bindery Services Pricing Study. “After spending hours and hours of proof-reading, we finally finished the study and it is now available in our bookstore,”. notes John Stewart, Executive Director of NPRC.

This brand new study is packed with more than 3,000 average and median prices for dozens and dozens of bindery services and products. The new study also provides unit pricing where applicable plus a +/-10% price range based upon average pricing.  

Check-out the dozens of bindery operations by downloading the Bindery Study Table of Contents.  Here you will find dozens and dozens of bindery operations included in this new 100+ page report. link but as many of you know that is literally the very last thing done when publishing a report such as this. 

Participants in the 2022 Survey have already received 2-3 emails providing them with passwords and links to download their PDF of the Bindery Services Pricing Study. All of the emails were sent out between July 19-25. Every email notice was sent out by [email protected] and each subject line began with the word “URGENT.”

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