Surveys & Polls


WorkersComp2pages NPRC is dedicated to conducting a series of surveys and opinion polls throughout the year. Most surveys will be designed to be answered in 5-minutes or less and will cover a wide gamut of interests and services in our industry.

Some surveys will be quite serious and detailed, while others will be more casual in nature. Some of NPRC surveys will be industry specific and target specific problems or challenges in the industry, while others will tackle broader issues such as retirement plans, investment planning and personnel practices.

NPRC will be far more selective and restrictive as to how and where the results of our various industry surveys and polls are shared. We will always strive to “serve our members first,” and avoid the temptation of sharing our data with the industry at large.

We will also rely on input from NPRC members and seek their suggestions as to future topics of interest. Unlike some associations, we will actively solicit input from our members and act upon that input.

Some of the NPRC surveys and polls on the drawing board for 2016-2018 will cover topics such as:SurveyMonkey_Pg1

  • Time Management – How do you spend your day?
  • Retirement Planning 2017-18
  • The decline of offset – Can it be stemmed and should it?
  • Company valuations as they relate to individual net worth 
  • Pricing & Estimating Software
  • Employee Handbooks – Pros and Cons
  • Quarterly Financial Polls
  • Industry Equipment Trends – What’s Hot and What’s Not
  • Financial Goals – Who sets them and what are the trends

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