Stewart Banned From PO List


Is NPOA Kidding?

They Want to Ban Me

From Posting to PO List?

Dear Fellow PrintOwner List Subscriber,

Tuesday afternoon I posted the following heads-up notice about a new survey I am conducting…. it is one of hundreds of educational surveys I have conducted over the years, including a couple of dozen surveys conducted on behalf of NPOA.

So imagine my surprise that within minutes of my posting the email below I received a “WARNING” email from board member Chuck Pappas who noted that, “this type of post is viewed as an advertisement. Keep the content directly related to printing and the value of your great studies.”

So I guess Chuck was referring to my mention that this FREE study is actually FREE, but if you don’t participate you will have the opportunity to pay an outrageous price to purchase it!  Clearly, the entire last paragraph was more tongue-in-cheek than anything and was meant to be humorous (especially considering the reference to plane expenses) but it seems that Chuck, and possibly the entire board, is very sensitive these days to any criticism, so in the event I am banned I just want you to know that I maintain a mailing list of 30M+, including all PO list and NPOA members, so I will make every attempt to keep in touch with you in the event that I am BANNED!

Just to illustrate how silly and petty this warning was, I have highlighted the offending paragraph below in RED BOLDFACE. Yup, no question about it, it is definitely advertising that needs to be banned here in River City!!!

John Stewart

[email protected]


From: John Stewart [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 1:57 PM To: ‘[email protected]
Subject: Update on Workmans’ Compensation Survey

Dear fellow Printowners,

States we’ve already heard from…. In just the past couple of hours we’ve heard from printers located in the following 10 states. (Update – the count is now 12 states).

Our objective with the just-launched survey dealing with Workmans’ Compensation practices is to compare codes, classifications and rates being charged in the printing industry, especially within individual states which of course is the level at which these rates and fees are determined.

We know from past experience that printers within the same state often end up paying completely different rates and sometimes find themselves being forced to pay higher premiums due to either misinformation and/or misclassifications. GA MI OR NY FL TX IL LA NJ MS VA CA

Our goal is to hear from at least 3-5 printing firms located in each state, except for South Dakota of course which I no longer have any faith in nor do I necessarily believe it really even exists, but on maps topographic maps prepared by the government! . If you missed the first of what will surely be 4-5 email blasts hounding you to take this important survey, you can go directly to:

…and skip all of our marketing B.S. You can get the final 8-12 page report for FREE if you participate, or you can end up paying some outrageous price for it later! All the proceeds from the final sale of these studies will go to help defray fuel costs, insurance premiums, parachute replacement costs, tie-down fees and annual inspections on my airplane!

John Stewart, President QP Consulting, Inc.


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