Ryan Sauers Praises New Study

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Praises New Compensation Report

“John Stewart of QP Consulting has done an amazing job of compiling data that will help printing companies (of all sizes) as it comes to their salesperson analysis, staffing and compensation. The research process (in this report) is valid and reliable and provides (up to date 2016) information. It is packed full of relevant information yet is easy to follow and can be (sorted and used) in a multitude of ways.

Ryan Sauers

“Quite frankly, the price of this report (based on the extensive data that it contains) could easily be priced much higher. The price is a bargain. As I have spent my career working in the print and related industries in owning companies and later consulting with them (focus on sales) across the country, I found this report incredibly beneficial. It is one I wish I would have had years ago. This report contains the answers to questions I am often asked by print company owners. The process of hiring a salesperson in this industry is a tough endeavor. Thus, we may be (overpaying or underpaying a salesperson) and wondering what their compensation package should look like.

“However, we never really know if we are right or wrong in our approach. And until now, with this ground breaking report, we made an educated guess. We now have data that will help us make the best decisions in these areas. It allows you to get your hands on salesperson data, company size info, and owner related information (sorted in different ways) that will help you make the best decisions for your organization. Did you ever want to know what type of salespersons (past experience) have the most success, how much new business they sell, how they are compensated, and how their expenses are handled? Well, this is the report for you. It is a report that the printing industry has needed for some time as it relates to sales performance vs. sales compensation vs. company size. It has my endorsement for you to use it as a tool to help you grow your company and make wise sales related decisions.”

Ryan Sauers, President and CMO of Sauers Consulting Strategies, LLC and best-selling author of Everyone is in Sales and Would You Buy from You? can be reached at [email protected]

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