2017-18 Analysis of Personal Net Worth

Just- Released - A Never Before Look
At the Personal Net Worth of Printers

This 110+ page report is literally a first-of-its-kind report in the printing industry. While NPRC and other organizations have published many studies dealing with pricing, wages and profitability, no association or industry trade group has ever tackled a topic such as personal net worth. Click here to read what fellow printers have to report about this just-released NPRC Report.

More than 120 printing firms with sales ranging from a low of $200,000 to a high of $7.5 million participated, with most firms proving full names and addresses, despite the highly confidential nature of the data uncovered. This brand new study is packed with charts and graphs allowing owners to compare their own net worth against other owners based upon age, annual sales and quartile placement.

This just-released report contains 17 four-page extractions based upon net worth, annual sales, age and net worth indices, all designed to help you better understand this important metric.

Compare your own net worth against peers in the industry. Examine how fellow printers with extremely high net worth's diversify their holdings. Explore the ratios of business values and business real estate to total net worth.

This brand new study was officially released Jan. 30, 2017.)**

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