2020-2021 Mailing Services Pricing Study

This brand-new, soon-to-be-released study is a "must-have" report for anyone providing mailing services! Whether you are an "old-timer" or just getting your feet in the industry., this is a must-have study!

This new 115+ page report contains detailed pricing information for more than 40 key mailing services and products. You can check-out the study's Table of Contents by clicking here: Table of Contents

As one prior participant noted, "It is more difficult than in other segments of our industry, to get competitive pricing info on mailing services. This type of survey and report provides us with information we need to price our work properly, and that's why it is so valuable." 

In addition to providing vital, up-to-the-minute ratios and statistics related to profitability and productivity, this new report tackles average and median fees for dozens of products offered by mailers, both large and small. Some of the products priced include:


  • Basic & Full-Service IMb
  • NCOA Services & Fees
  • De-duping Charges
  • Mark-up Practices when purchasing Brokered Lists
  • EDDM Processing & Pricing Fees
  • Simple Laser Letter Merge Services
  • VDP Processing Fees
  • Mail Matching Charges
  • Inkjet Addressing Charges for #10 envelopes & Flats
  • Insertion Charges for 6 x 9" Envelopes
  • Metering Fees
  • Glue-dot Application Fees
  • Hand & Automated Stamp Affixing Charges
  • Complete Charges for Processing a 4 x 6" Postcard Mailing
  • Total Charges for Processing 1M - 25M 8.5 x 11" Self-Mailer
  • Tabbing Fees & Methods for 1-tab, 2-tabs and 3-tabs
  • Plus dozens of other breakout fees & set-up charges

This new NPRC publication provides  average and median pricing for popular quantities ranging between 1,000 and 25,000. The new study also breaks-out pricing on a per unit basis as well. The latter is a useful feature when it comes to interpolating prices for specific quantities.

The 2020-2021 Mailing Services Pricing Study (Order Here) will be available for official release on January 31st. Complimentary "participant copies" will be distributed between Jan. 29-30th.

As always, this new report is offered on a 100% money-back guarantee basis if it is not everything we promise it is. All orders are process and shipped within four hours of receipt of order.

What about Pre-Orders? Note, this study can be PRE-ORDERED through the Bookstore. Orders will automatically be processed on a first-come, first served basis beginning February 3, 2020. Don't worry, your order won't get lost or misplaced.

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