2019-2020 Financial Benchmarking Study

This New Study is Packed With
Information About How to Become
A Profit Leader in the Printing Industry

Hot Off the Press!!!  NPRC has just released the 2019-2020 Financial Benchmarking Study. Published on a biennial basis since the early 1980's, this key study is credited by hundreds of owners in our industry with helping them improve their firm's profitability and productivity.


This study has helped hundreds of printers around the U.S. achieve new, much higher levels of profitability.  Printers have told us that after reading this study, they decided to quit making excuses for their poor performance and begin working towards the "profit leader" ratios outlined in this popular study.

Unfortunately, too many printers don't appreciate the value of these studies until it's too late!  By the time they start analyzing their ratios and comparing them to the "profit leaders" it's way too late. They start planning for the sale of their business and retirement when they suddenly realize they rank in the bottom 25th percentile of the industry and their business is worth 50-80% less than what they expected.

These Benchmarking Studies are simply invaluable. They provide "real world" financial ratios such as cost of goods, payroll costs, overhead expenses, and sales per employee, just to name a few. Plus, this study provides a variety of breakouts based upon profitability, sales per employee and annual sales - analyses that cannot be found found anywhere else.
These are just a few of the key facts and ratios reported in this just-released report:
  • Firms falling into the top profitability quartile report average 2018 annual sales of slightly more than one million and an owner's compensation of 25.0%.
  • Firms in the bottom quartile report slightly higher annual sales but an average owner's compensation of only 5.9%.
  • Examine the ratios of firms with an SPE >$160,000 and check out their key ratios for excess earnings, profits per employee and a dozen other key ratios.
  • Payroll costs and Cost of Goods are clearly the distinguishing factors that separate those at the top from those at the very bottom
  • Average industry payroll is currently running at 31.6%. Compare that percent against the top achievers in this industry.
  • Average cost of goods for all participants is 30.7% Guess what the industry's top performers are reporting?
  • Average overhead expenses for all participants is 21.7%. Once again, check-out what the "profit leaders" in our industry report.
  • Approximately 80% of survey participants were "independents" while the rest were "franchisees."

NPRC has decided to keep the price of this study as low as possible! Historically, this study has been one of the most expensive studies in our industry because of the high degree of accuracy required to analyze thousands and thousands of data points. Nonetheless, NPRC has decided to put this information-packed study in the hands of as many print owners as possible, and one way to do that is to offer it at a very low price compared to the cost of production. This study is available for:..

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