2017-18 Financial Benchmarking Study

Newly Released Study Reveals
What It Takes To be a Profit Leader

First published in 1983, the biennial Financial Benchmarking Study has been frequently hailed by many in the printing industry as the premier publication – a document that clearly illustrates in no uncertain terms the kinds of key ratios (percentages of sales) that are required to become or maintain “profit leader” status in this industry.

"If you check out the cost of goods ratio for those in the top quartile and discover that it is 26.2% and compare that to your own ratios and discover that you are 4% higher than most others in the industry (assuming you are comparing "apples to apples") then you know you've got your work cut out for you - certainly if you'd like to become a profit leader."
John Stewart

Sponsored by AccuZIP, this key study offers up almost 90 comparisons based upon annual sales, sales per employee, franchise vs. independent status, and profitability quartiles. Breakouts include profit & loss statements, balance sheets and special key ratio pages featuring 26+ ratios you can track and compare your performance against others. Margin of error for this popular report is an outstanding +/- 4.4%!

Samples of P&Ls, Balance Sheets, Key Ratios

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Breakouts (profit & loss, balance sheets and key ratios) include the following:

  • All Firms (independents vs. franchise)
  • Single vs. Multiple
  • Association membership status
  • Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing
  • Percent of Brokered Sales
  • Analysis by Sales Volume
  • Sales Per Employee Breakouts
  • Profitability Quartiles
  • Peer Group Membership
  • Firms with and without Sales Reps.

This publication is sold on a 100% money-back guarantee! Now available in both PDF and hard-copy formats. All orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours or less.

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