2015-16 Signs & Wide Format Pricing

Pricing Signs and Wide Format

This a first-of-its-kind study produced in the printing industry - a 100+ page report that analyzes pricing practices and equipment preferences in the signs & wide format industry.

A joint publication effort between NPOA and QP Consulting, Inc.,  this study was designed to address pricing for sign and wide format products specifically produced in the "quick printing" segments of our industry. Some of the many products priced and/or rated include:

  • Primary and Secondary digital printers
  • Popular RIPs, plotters & cutters
  • Laminating devices
  • Substrate Pricing
  • Banner Pricing
  • Foam Core Posters & Signs
  • Colorplast Signage
  • Magnetic Signs
  • Plus other items such as aluminum signs, decals, vehicle decals

More than 220 firms contributed to the original survey. The study is packed with useful information including ratings for a variety of printers, RIPs, laminators and cutters, and also includes average and median prices covering literally dozens of products and services commonly offered in the sign industry. This study is only available as a PDF.

Most PDFs are shipped in three hours or less. As always, all studies and reports purchased from NPRC are sold on a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase.

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2015-2016 Signs & Wide Format Pricing Study

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