2014-2015 Financial Benchmarking Study

This 103-page study, sponsored by Ricoh and published by NPOA, is packed-full with critically important financial data regarding the current financial health of our industry. The study contains dozens and dozens of profit & loss, balance sheets and key ratio sheets detailing the performance of firms based upon population density, geographic locations, franchise vs. independent, as well as many breakouts based upon annual sales volume.

Of greatest value are the reports based upon profitability which compare the top and bottom quartiles in this industry when broken out based upon profitability. The data provide offers a clear guideline on how to improve your profitability and the value of your firm by adjusting or modifying key ratios. The comparative data and ratios available comparing the "Leaders" and "Laggards" in our industry is invaluable to firms desiring to become "profit leaders" in this industry.

The "Executive Summary," prepared by industry author and financial guru Larry Hunt, is one of the clearest analyses ever written explaining what has transpired in this industry during the past 30 years and what needs to change if firms are to continue to grow and prosper. More Study details coming soon!

  • "This type of information is extremely valuable as a management tool for so many reasons. Great job!!" Skip Novakovich, Esprit Graphic Communications, Kennewick, WA
  • "An excellent tool for seeingt how you are doing in comparison with your competition. Also shows where you need improvement. Well worth the effort or cost." Sam Gromowsky, Almar Printing, Kansas City, MO
  • "We fount it was valuable to compare our company with other companies & profit leaders. Overall we are doing pretty well." Caitlin Sullian, Furbush-Roberts Printing, Bangor, ME

Available in both Hard Copy as well as PDF formats.

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