Printers Praise 2021-22 Digital Pricing Study

NPRC continues to receive testimonials on its recently released Digital Pricing Study. Below is a sampling of what we have received:

I haven’t had a chance to look at everything, but my main interest in the study was pricing of digital envelopes. Being a small company, I wear many hats… and I was desperate for some guidance for pricing envelopes. I downloaded another guide for pricing envelopes, but their prices seemed high. Your prices are more realistic and lower! As a matter of fact, I immediately started adjusted my prices after looking at the study. I’m very happy to have this study it for a reference and I will be using it frequently.

Best Regards,
Sherry Mason
Specialty Group Printing
Cochranton, PA

You did it again, John. The 2021 Digital Pricing Study has again proven to be a great tool to help us clarify changing market conditions and how they’re affecting our business in this crazy COVID economy. I was really surprised by some of the data contained in this year’s study and have been able to use that to our advantage. Thanks again John Stewart and the NPRC!

Bob Heid
[email protected]
Orlando, FL


These studies are invaluable now more than ever! No need to wonder if your prices are on target or out of line—here is concise information you can rely on. Worth every penny!

James Jepsen, General Manager
Local Copies Etc.
Santa Maria CA 93454


Calculating pricing based on overhead, cost of goods and labor is easy enough, it’s just numbers. Figuring out what your service is worth and what your market can bear is not so easy, especially when local competition isn’t open to the idea of having coffee and sharing their pricing!

NPRC pricing studies have helped our company understand what our market should be able to bear versus what it “feels like” our market will bear… NPRC studies have helped turn those “feels like” guided pricing decisions into decisions guided by facts!”
Eric Van Kerckhove
Allegra Print • Mail • Signs
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Having written my own custom estimator based on our actual costs, machinery and production data, I have often wondered how our prices compared to other shops.  With NPRC’s 2021 Digital Pricing Study I can now see areas where we were significantly under charging on high value products and services as well as a few areas where we were on the high side of the spectrum. 

With the Digital Pricing Study tool as well as John’s other products we can now make informed decisions that allow us to confidently make strategic price adjustments to allow us to remain competitive in key value based areas while increasing our profitability by not leaving money on the table as well as fine tuning other areas without pricing ourselves out of particular products in the market place.

Thank you,
John Martin, President
Discount Printing Service
Monticello, Georgia 31064

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