Printers Praise New Digital Pricing Study

Below are just a few of the printers who have praised the value of our latest industry report, “The 2019-2020 Digital Color Pricing Study.”  You’ll find the very latest info on pricing digital products and services when you dive into this new study. Many printers have admitted that after studying the report, they were either over-charging or under-charging for products such as envelopes, rack cards, newsletters and carbonless forms.

The new Digital Pricing Study is quickly earning its reputation as a “must-have” study for firms relying more and more on digital printing as a major source for their income.  NPRC’s newest report features the very latest info on pricing more than 16 digital products. Visit our Bookstore for further information about this brand new report.

I was undercharging on envelopes…

“I always enjoy receiving the pricing studies and I learn something every time.  I have been doing printing for over 45 years and still learn how to price things better.  Through the Sweet Sixteen pricing study, I learned I was undercharging on envelopes (which surprised me) so this will more than pay for the cost of the membership and Pricing Study.”

Wayne Clark, Graphics North Printing
Fairbanks, AK

Keep up the good work…

“John, thank you for all your work in providing the printing industry with the “Sweet Sixteen” Digital Color Pricing Study, and the many other studies you have published for us for so many years. It always helps to know where we are at and not to leave money on the table. Keep up the good work.”

Arie Teomi, Lasting Impression Direct
Cleveland, OH

Knowing our prices are reasonable…

“I always look forward to receiving your reports, particularly the pricing studies. They’re my best source of data to be sure our prices are within a reasonable range, and the best confidence-builder I’ve found against buyers who say our prices are too high. Knowing our prices are reasonable means I look for better prospects, rather than caving on prices.”

Steve Blatman, Ink Spot Printing & Copy Center, Inc.
Frazer, PA

Confidence that our prices are fair…

“Your studies have been a big help in keeping me in business for more than 28 years. I have used the industry pricing studies over the years to make sure our prices are competitive and adjust where necessary. This gives our customer service representatives confidence that our prices are fair and reasonable. I cannot understand why many more print shop owners do not take advantage of these valuable studies, especially when they can get them for free with just a little effort.”

Mike Geygan, Minuteman Press
Lebanon, OH

The study gives us information… to stay in business…

“I want to thank you for including my firm in your annual pricing study. Even though my company is extremely small, the study gives us information necessary to stay in business. Unlike the bigger companies, which can try random pricing strategies, we need to only use fact-based strategies which the pricing study provides each year.”

Ralph Dunavant, American Printing & Promotions
Manassas, VA

This information has helped me be sharper in our pricing…

“I have been participating in your surveys for more than 20 years. As I look back over those years, I realize that I have referred to your surveys more than any other source of pricing information in the printing industry. It is concise, accurate and timely. I would have to say that this info has helped me be sharper in our pricing, win more bids and make more money. Thanks so much for your efforts.!”

Jon Robson, Auburn Document Centre
Auburn, NY

A fantastic job well done…

“John, thank you again for a fantastic job well done. We eagerly await each of your studies, as they are crammed full of helpful insights, sage advice, and of course ‘real-world’ data and pricing information. Your studies start to pay for themselves from the first page!”

James Jepsen, General Manager
Local Copies Etc., Santa Maria, CA




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