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Now, for the first time, you can save 16% on NPRC’s recently released pricing study – The 2020-2021 Mailing Services Pricing Study. First published in February 2020 and offered at a retail price of $175 (PDF Only), you can now purchase this study for only $147, but you must act quickly since this limited-time offer expires Nov. 28, 2020. Use the following coupon code to save 18%: NPRCMAILING18

NPRC’s newest study has been praised by printers from across the country. The 2020-2021 Mailing Services Pricing Study is 110+ pages in length, and covers dozens of mailing services and products, including average and median pricing for products and services such as:

  • Full-Service IMb Charges
  • De-duping Fees
  • NCOA Processing
  • Markup Rates for Brokered Lists
  • Laser letter Merging Fees
  • Inkjet Addressing Fees
  • Insertion Charges #10, 6×9″ & 9×12″
  • Metering Charges
  • Hand & Machine Application of stamps
  • Self-Mailer Processing Fees
    Plus many, many other services & products

To order your copy or to read more about this study, visit the NPRC Bookstore.

“As always, NPRC has produced a top-notch publication. “Going rates” for mailing services are hard to track from company to company and town to town, so it’s very helpful to have a baseline to compare with. While the numbers alone are worth the cost of the book, the commentary and analyses that come along with these studies are a huge bonus, especially true because they are unbiased and accurate.”

James Jepsen, Gen. Manager
Local Copies Etc.
Santa Maria, CA


“I have been in the printing business almost 30 years. A big part of my success is because of John Stewart’s industry studies. The latest study, the 2020-21 Mailing Services Pricing Study has helped me determine that I was undercharging on some of my mailing services. We all are busy running our companies and often times simply forget how long it’s been since we last raised our prices to reflect the increased costs of operation. This study is the perfect tool to remind you to analyze your prices to ensure you stay profitable.”

Armand Girard
Curry Printing & Marketing
Auburn, ME


“NPRC has hit the mark again! We are very appreciative of the association’s tireless efforts to get these studies right and on time. We’ve been in the print and mail business for 15 years and have always relied on client feedback and market knowledge to help us set prices. It’s nice to see these corroborated by other businesses similar to ours on a regional and even national basis. Thanks again NPRC.”

Bob Heid
We Are Kymera
Orlando, FL


“The mailing survey is one of the best surveys to come out from NPRC in a long time. All of the association’s surveys are of immense help. This one hit a sweet spot for our company. It validated our pricing positions and gave us some items to add, services we should be breaking up into different price categories and not be “all-inclusive in pricing”. We have grown our commercial printing firm to be in the top ten in the San Francisco north bay. Surveys like the Mailing Services Pricing Study keep us growing.”

David Adams
QPS Printing
Petaluma, CA 94952

To order your copy or to read more about this study, visit the NPRC Bookstore.

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