Print Shop For Sale (6th Printing)

Print Shop for Sale, one of NPRC’s all-time, most popular bookstore publications, is now back in stock. Quantities are limited, however, and available only as a hard copy. Sorry, no PDFs.¬†

Don’t put your business up for sale or offer to buy a competitor until you purchased a copy of Print Shop for Sale.

Now in its 6th printing, this 310-page book by industry leaders John Stewart and Larry Hunt is packed with practical information on how to arrive at a “fair market” price for the business.

Chapter 12 of special interest – ¬†This chapter is special… it contains 12, 4-page analyses detailing exactly how the “Excess Earnings” approach is used to value real-world companies. These sample valuations are well worth the entire price of the book.

Print Shop for Sale includes 14 key chapters dealing with some of the following:

  • Historical and current valuation methods
  • Common valuation myths
  • Importance of “Excess Earnings”
  • What happens when there are no “Excess Earnings?”
  • What about a business with a negative “net worth?”
  • Great tips for increasing the value of your business
  • Cautions for prospective buyers

RETAIL PRICE: $94.50 (includes shipping & handling)
NPRC MEMBER PRICE: $74.00 (includes shipping & handling)

An additional postage charge of $18 applies to Canadian orders.


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