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“If you’re looking for printing businesses for sale or thinking about selling your own firm then this new book on valuing a printing firm is just what you need. Print Shop For Sale, by industry consultants John Stewart and Larry Hunt, offers both sellers and buyers, “A step-by-step guide for establishing a fair market value for your printing firm, or one you are looking to buy.”p-by-step guide for establishing a fair market value for your printing firm, or one you are looking to buy.”


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“Wow, this book really opened my eyes about the real value of my business. When you hold something near and dear such as a business, you tend to exaggerate it’s intangible values. Print Shop For Sale brought me back to earth and explained in a way I could understand what the true value is and why.”

Wm. (Bill) Howard,
Triangle Reprocenter of Princeton
Princeton, NJ

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hatever you do, don’t try to sell your printing business or make an offer to buy another firm until you’ve read this book.
 Whether you’re planning on selling in the next six months or considering the purchase of a competitor, this brand new 310-page book is packed with information on how to arrive at a “fair market” price for the business – a price on which both you and a prospective seller or buyer can agree.

What you Get
Print Shop For Sale includes 14 chapters dealing with some of the following:

  • Historical and current valuation methods
  • Common valuation myths
  • Importance of “Excess Earnings”
  • What happens when there are no “Excess Earnings?”
  • What about a business with a negative “net worth?”
  • Great tips for increasing the value of your business
  • Cautions for prospective buyers

Sample Valuations
This 2nd addition now includes a total of 12 sample company valuations based upon the Hunt-Stewart recommended valuation approach. Included among the sample valuations are:

  • Independent and franchise firms
  • Single and multiple shop locations
  • Firms with dramatic differences in sales & profits

Take the samples we provide, insert your own numbers as required, follow the steps we outline, and you’ll have your own valuation in a matter of minutes.

Also included included in Print Shop For Sale is a 100-page Appendix containing actual valuations for companies with annual sales ranging between $250,000 and $5 million. The unique valuation tables use a “quick lookup” approach and provide an estimated “fair market” based upon a number of variables, including sales volume, net assets, owner’s compensation and a range of excess earnings multipliers.

How to contact the authors:
John Stewart, Q.P. Consulting, Inc.
2110 S. Dairy Road, W. Melbourne, FL 32904
321-727-2442 FAX 321-727-2166
[email protected]

Larry Hunt, Larry Hunt Publications, Inc.
P.O. Box 6082, Palm Harbor, FL 34684
727-781-7825  FAX 813-854-4005
[email protected]

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