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Party Affiliation Does Not Correlate to Expected Presidential Outcome according to the result of our latest Presidential Preference Poll, conducted Oct. 19-20, 2016.

Melbourne, FL – With the third presidential debate mercifully behind us, we at the National Printing Research Council (NPRC) thought it might be interesting to see how this year’s tumultuous presidential race is playing out among entrepreneurial quick and small commercial printers. With that in mind, we launched a brief Survey Monkey poll of print shop owners.

image014Not surprisingly, the percent of printers polled who identified themselves as Republicans far outnumbered those saying they were Democrats. In fact, more respondents identified themselves as Independents than identified as Democrats. With nearly 200 responses tallied, the results were: Republican (59.5%), Independent (23.7%), and Democrat (15.0%). A tiny percent (1.7%) said they were something else.

When printers were asked which party’s policies they generally agreed with, the Democratic party (18.2%) edged Independent (9.9%) but Republican party policies were far and away the most popular with respondents at 66.3%.

image003This trend held when respondents were asked who they planned to vote for. Donald Trump (63.7%) far out-polled Hillary Clinton (26.3%) with Gary Johnson (8.8%) and Jill Stein (1.2%) trailing far behind. However, when asked who they expected to capture the Presidency, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein got no votes, which was not unexpected. What was somewhat unexpected was by a two-to-one margin survey respondents said they expected Hillary Clinton (66.9%) to trounce Donald Trump (33.1%).

While this poll is not scientific, it does give a snapshot of how printers are feeling as the presidential race winds to a close.


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