NPRC to Launch New Digital Survey

Ho, ho, ho!

No Need to spend the holiday season attempting to complete a cumbersome, 57-page, 720-question pricing survey being promoted by one of our competitors (Yes, that’s a gigantic, huge, humongous survey <g>) when there’s a much better choice…

On Jan 4-6, 2021 the National Printing Research Council (NPRC) will officially launch one of its most popular and longest-running surveys – The 2021-22 Digital Color Pricing Survey.

The new NPRC survey is more streamlined than ever and should take you less than one hour to complete, and yet the final product will contain a wealth of digital pricing data that you can put to use immediately. Best yet, as with all of our surveys, if you complete our survey you receive the final report absolutely FREE!

So sit back and relax this holiday season and let us put the finishing touches on our popular biennial survey. Beginning in early January 2021, we’ll send you 3-4 invitations and reminders to participate. We expect to publish our popular digital pricing study by mid-March 2021.┬áHave a happy and safe holiday season.

John Stewart, Executive Director
National Printing Research Council (NPRC)

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