NPRC Survey Reveals Resilient Printing Industry

Thank you very much for participating in one or more of our 2020 Covid-19 Industry Surveys.

Because you participated in at least one of our three Covid-19 industry surveys, we have provided you with a special password for  accessing and downloading a 9-page PDF of this special report.

Why are we password protecting this report? Our intent in requiring a password is to increase the perceived value of these reports and encourage owners to complete future surveys. We want to discourage owners from skipping a survey knowing they will still be able to read the results.

We spend 50+ hours and thousands of $$$ preparing surveys such as this, but in order for these reports to be as accurate as possible, we need to encourage the largest participation possible.  In the future, we will note on all of our surveys that ONLY PARTICIPANTS will be entitled to a final report. Thank you for understanding.

Please respect our Copyright of this document and do not share the link or password with others.  After granting you special priority for downloading this report, we plan to release the full report to the entire printing industry within the next 30 days. Once again, thank you for your understanding.

Click the link below to download our newest report:

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