NPRC Releases Hourly Rates Report

The 2017 Hourly Rates & Mark-up Practices Report, a 58-page special report published by NPRC, will be available for purchase on June 28, 2017. This brand-new publication, based upon a recent survey conducted by NPRC in early June, attracted more than 240 printing firms.

The new report offers a special look at the popularity of various computerized estimating systems, and then quickly moves to various budgeted hourly rates used in graphic arts departments as well as hand labor rates for a variety of bindery and other back-shop tasks. The report also reports on mark-up rates used for handling sub-contracted services and products as well as rates used to mark-up paper used in offset printing. 

SPECIAL ALERT – If you believe you participated in this survey but have not received the PDF report then it is due to it either going into either your trash or spam folders, OR you accidentally deleted the email we sent you. It is also possible that you never received it because the email address from which it was sent ([email protected]) was not “whitelisted” as we requested during the release of this survey. The PDF of this report was sent to 245 email addresses on both June 26th and then again on June 27. The subject line was, “Your Complimentary Copy of the Hourly Rates Report.” Please thoroughly check all email folders prior to contacting us.

Table of Contents… Click here to view the Table of Contents for this new report.

Table of Contents

Retail pricing for this new study is $49.95 (PDF) and $56.95 (Printed);

NPRC member pricing is $24.95 (PDF) and $31.95 (Printed).

Order your copy via the NPRC Bookstore.

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