NPRC Releases Covid-19 & Supply Chain Report

After providing VIP “early-release copies” to all survey participants, NPRC has now released its special 8-page Covid-19 and Supply Chain Report to the entire industry. Download this FREE PDF copy of this special report by clicking here or the artwork below.

How Many Are Vaccinated?

The survey revealed some surprising results with the most surprising result being that almost 80% (79.6%) of our respondents (owners) stated they had been vaccinated for Covid-19. The vaccinations rate for spouses was almost identical at 77%.

Mandatory testing or vaccinations for employees? Despite the fact that the vast majority of employers told us they where not requiring either testing or Covid-19 vaccinations for their employees, they estimated that almost 76% (average) of their employees were indeed vaccinated.

Are Supply Chain Issues Serious?

How serious are supply chain issues? – Our initial survey findings reported that there appears to be a growing concern with supply chain issues. While almost 44% described the current situation as having only minimal to modest impact on their businesses, 55% told us they were indeed already experiencing disruptions, but added that the situation was manageable, at least for the short-term.

More than 165 printing firms participated in the survey

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