NPRC Publishes Results of Time Management Survey

(Members Only) Well, it took us a bit longer than we anticipated to crunch all the numbers, but the results are in and available for download. This availability of this special report is limited to NPRC members and the 207 firms who participated in the survey. The eight-page PDF detailing our findings can be downloaded by clicking the link below. If you are already a member of the National Printing Research Council you can visit the website, log-in and then click on the article dealing with the Time Management Survey.

While the survey doesn’t offer definitive answers, it does offer some key observations as to the differences between where high profit firms spend their time as opposed to low profit firms.

basic-data-sheet-time-mgmt_30369_image001Titled “Leaders & Laggards – Time Management Practices,the survey asked a number of questions, but the primary emphasis of the survey was to ask two key questions of participants – (1) Where did participants Spend Their Time; and (2) Where Owners Thought They Should Spend More Time. We analyzed the results of not only the entire group, we then concentrated on two special breakouts – Firms indicating they were “High Profitable” as opposed to those that told us that their profits were either “Low or Non-Existent.”

Click here to download the PDF.

P.S. After you’ve had a chance to download and analyze the data provided, we would welcome your observations, comment and any analysis you would like to make. With your permission, we would like to publish those comments on our website.


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