NPRC Introduces New Industry Listserv

The National Printing Research Council (NPRC) has just activated a brand new industry listserv. Financed 100% by NPRC, this listserv is available absolutely free to all owners of printing, mailing and sign firms.

Owners can sign-up immediately by clicking or visiting .  The new NPRC listserv will start accepting posts Oct. 26th. The moderator of the list is Armand Girard, a 30-year veteran of the printing industry. Girard was a founding board member of NPOA and has contributed greatly to that association as well as to to NPRC. Additional moderators will be added in the next three months.

While the NPRC listserv is unmoderated, meaning that all message sent to the list are automatically forwarded to all subscribers without intervention on our part, it is not anonymous, meaning that all posts must include a full real name, company name, city and state. Phone numbers are optional but recommended since some posts may eventually justify private one-on-one communications.

For those unfamiliar with a listserv, it is better understood by actually jumping in and trying it. However, for those that need a little more clarification, imagine you have a burning question or challenge facing your business and you would like to check with a dozen printers, 50 printers or maybe even 100 printers or more, and ask them your question. Maybe it’s about how to set-up a co-op paper purchasing group.

Well, as a member of the listserv, all you need to do is pose your question and send it to the listserv email address at [email protected] (this email address will only work if you have first subscribed to the listserv) and within minutes your message arrives in the in-box of all members of the list (a dozen, 50 or however many members of the list exist at that time). Members of the listserv who choose to do so will respond to your email. Others will choose not to respond. If three or four listserv subscribers choose to respond their responses will be distributed back out to all members of the listserv.

Yes indeed, the scenario described above can generate a fair number of emails. However, experienced listserv subscribers quickly learn which emails to respond to and which ones to ignore. Some recipients will feel they have something new and constructive to offer, while others will either have no interest in the subject and thus feel no need to respond.

Many experienced listserv subscribers quickly learn how to manage emails from the listserv by setting up a “redirect” in their email programs that will direct or place all incoming emails from a specific sender (in this case the NPRC listserv) into a special designated folder. By doing so, this helps to separate and manage important business email from important, but less critical email from the listserv.

Active Poster or Lurker – It’s up to you. You are free to join and just read emails when they are posted. There is no obligation or requirement to post or respond to posts. For additional information regarding the listserv, contact Armand Girard at [email protected] .


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