NPRC Cancels Membership Levels

“Effective immediately, NPRC will no longer accept applications for individual or group memberships,” according to John Stewart, NPRC Executive Director. “All existing memberships will, of course, continue to be honored, but existing memberships will be cancelled as they come due based upon their annual renewal date,” adds Stewart.

“Henceforth, we intend to redouble our efforts on research and publications. Our reputation as a provider of top-notch research studies and reports, remains unchallenged in the printing industry, and it will remain so as we move forward,” explains Stewart.

“We just decided that we cannot be all things to all people, and we need to concentrate and build upon on our strengths and that is clearly industry research,” adds Stewart.

“The above actions, although seemingly sudden, have actually been in the planning stage for quite awhile, it was how to announce the long-planned transition from a membership association to a ‘research’ organization that was the real challenge,” explains Stewart.

“Other than offering a 50% discount on publications, we were never in a position to offer other tangible benefits,  Consequently, we are no longer accepting new memberships applications, and we will begin immediately phasing out existing memberships by deactivating all auto-renewal memberships,” adds Stewart.

NPRC members will soon receive a letter of appreciation for their years of past financial support, according to Stewart. Effective immediately, the association’s dues “auto-renewal” feature, if previously chosen by a member, has been deactivate. Current memberships, will expire based upon their anniversary or renewal date.

Current members can continue, as they have in the past, to take advantage of the 50% discounts offered on all NPRC publications.

“One thing that will not change,” notes Stewart, “is NPRC’s on-going financial support of the printing industry’s only free listserv. Under the guidance of Armand Girard, the NPRC Printowners Listserv has grown from less than a dozen printers to almost 450 subscribers in less than one year.”

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