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NPRC Report Projects Sales Decline of 25%

Melbourne, FL, July 23-2020 - The National Printing Research Council (NPRC) has just published its latest report that explores the impact of Convid-19 on the printing industry. The report is based on a survey conducted between July 10-16, 2020. The 24-question survey attracted more than 190 participants. Distribution of the ...
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NPRC Launches Newest Covid-19 Survey

NPRC continues to explore the impact that Covid-19 is having on the printing industry with the release of its latest survey - "Covid-19 & The Printing Industry - Summer 2020." The new survey by NPRC contains 24 questions and testing has indicated that the survey should take 15 minutes or ...
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Mailing Study Aids Getting $15,000 Job!

NPRC just received the following unsolicited comment from a printer in North Palm Beach, FL... (P.S. You can still save 16% on this study) Check-out additional news about this study appearing below.) "John: We do a number of mailings a month but very little EDDM. Yesterday, we were asked to ...
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Download Free Mark-up Practices Report

Just a brief reminder that you can still download a FREE copy of  NPRC's popular 2017 Hourly Rates & Mark-up Practices Report.  This "Free Download" offer expires July 18th and will not be repeated. Published in the summer of 2017, this special report  offers an in-depth view of budgeted hour ...
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What Laggards Don’t Know in the Covid19 Era!

The real problem with “profit laggards” in our industry is that they don’t know they are laggards. Most printers blame the economy, Covid19, vendors and the internet for most, if not all of their problems. Many of these troubled companies simply ignore their own profit and loss statements. When they ...
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Characteristics of Leaders & Laggards

Learning to Distinguish Between The Leaders & Laggards in the Printing Industry By John Stewart, Executive Director National Printing Research Council (NPRC) I’ve been actively involved in this industry since the early 1980’s working with association such as NAQP, NAPL, NPOA and NPRC. I’ve published or co-published virtually every statistical ...
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Are Grants & Loans Really Necessary for Survival?

By John Stewart, Executive Director, NPRC Are printers counting on government grants and Loans to survive the Covid-19 crisis?  Well, checking out various printing industry list servs, it certainly appears that many printers are indeed doing just that! Instead of returning to the basics and concentrating on improving key financial ...
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PPP Payments Outpace Stimulus Checks 2:1

Covid-19 "Take #2" 5-15-20 - The National Printing Research Council (NPRC) continues to serve the printing, mailing and sign industries with a series of statistical surveys designed to keep owners informed regarding major industry trends. Of course nothing has had a greater impact on our combined industries than the current ...
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Shocking – Printers Report April Sales Down 44%!

Early, preliminary results from NPRC's newest survey, Covid-19 "Take #2," are in and the results are nothing short of shocking! Although approximately 81% of printers who responded told us they are back to "close to normal" in terms of actually being open for business, the financial picture is far more ...
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Printer Praises Mark-Up Practices Report

After rating the 2017 Hourly Rates & Mark-up Practices Report as "Excellent," Sherry Mason, owner of Specialty Group Printing, Cochranton, PA, told us that she definitely will be making changes to her business as the result of information uncovered in this FREE report. "I now know what I was doing ...
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Brushing Up Your Pricing Practices

A Special Alert - that NPRC is reminding owners that operate printing, mailing and sign companies that they can download a copy of our 2017 Hourly Rates & Mark-Up Practices Report absolutely free. This offer is simply our way of saying thanks to folks like yourself who have supported our ...
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Free Covid-19 Survey Report

Covid-19 Survey Report Available for Download... Almost 280 printers, mailers and owners of sign companies turned out and answered recent survey on Covid-19. As the 8-page report notes at the beginning, "Shock, amazement and surprises (both good and bad) are just a few of the reactions we experienced this ...
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