NPOA’s 2013-2014 Printing Industry Bindery Services Pricing Study Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

NPOA 2013-2014 Printing Industry

Bindery Services Pricing Study



Executive Summary

Terminology & Definitions


SECTION 1 – Data Summary by Category

Highlights & Overview of Statistics Appearing in this Study

Profile Of Respondents


      PART 1 – Mandatory Company Data

Age of Firm

Number of locations


Market Size

Total # of Employees

Annual Sales

Are You Independent or Franchise


Association Membership

Your Owner�s Compensation for 2012

Percent of Total Sales


      PART 2 – Packaging Methods & Pricing

Shrink Wrapping Charges

Letterhead Boxes

Business Card Boxes

Carton Size Used

Charge for Cartons

Type & Price


      PART 3 – Scoring, Perfing & Creasing

Typical Scoring

Crease Separately

Creasing Charges

Typical Perfing


      PART 4 – Manual Collating & Gathering

Hand-collating/gathering & Method of Charging

Bindery Hourly & Price/M Rates

Estimated Speeds


      PART 5 – Machine Collating & Gathering

Machine Collating Charges

Machine Collating Charges (Off-line)

Stapling/Stitching In-line?

In-Line Stapling/Stitching

Off-line Stapling/Stitching


      PART 6 – Basic Cutting Charges

Cutting Charges


Round-Cornering Charges


PART 7 – Specialized Binding Services

Plastic Coil



Tape Binding


PART 8 – 1, 3 & 5-Hole Drilling Prices

Standard Drilling Charges

Drilling Charges

3-Hole on Digital Copiers


      PART 9 – Regular & NCR Padding Charges

Standard Padding Charges

NCR Padding


      PART 10 – Digital Numbering Charges

Digital Numbering on Copier

Software for Numbering on Copier

Which Copiers

Numbering Charges

Digital vs. Crash Numbering

Sample Pricing


      PART 11 – Crash/Impact/Letterpress Numbering Charges

Your Charges for Crash/Impact/Letterpress Numbering Services

Estimated Speed

Numbering Charges, 1 Number

Numbering Charges, 2 Numbers


      PART 12 – Off-Line Booklet Making Charges

5.5 X 8.5 Booklets

Face-Trimming Only


Books Per Lift


      PART 13 – Digital Copier Booklet Making Charges

Charge Extra

Booklet Cost


      PART 14 – Folding on Digital Copiers

Folding on Copier

Extra Charge

Your Charges


      PART 15 – Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding In-House

Perfect Binding


      PART 16 – Folding

Basic Folding Charges 8.5×11

Basic Right-Angle Folding Charges


SECTION 2 – Industry Snapshot Comparisons

Geographic Region

North East

South East




Population Density

Rural Area (Under 25,000 Population)

Small Market (25,000-100,000 Population)

Medium Market (100,000-300,000 Population)

Large Market (300,000-1 Million Population)

Major Market (1 Million Or More Population)


2012 Sales Volume

Sales <=$500,000

Sales >= 1,000,000


     Independents vs. Franchises





Top Quartile >= 19%

Bottom Quartile <= 9.5%


      NPOA vs. Non-NPOA Membership

NPOA Members

Non NPOA Members


      High vs. Low Sales Per Employee (SPE)

SPE <=110,000

SPE >=130,000



Worksheet – The 2013-2014 Bindery Services Pricing Survey

The 2013-2014 Bindery Services Pricing Study Comment Sheet


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