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NPRC Membership Application Form

Image of business document held by human at meetingThank you for making the decision to join the National Printing Research Council. We value your membership. By completing the information below and submitting your application for membership in the NPRC, applicants agree to participate as actively as possible in the research activities of the association, and to provide, on a confidential basis, basic financial information about their businesses. All information so gathered will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and will only be shared with fellow NPRC members in aggregate form.

Basic Annual Membership Levels:
     Regular Membership… $240.00
     International Membership… $140.00
     Associate/Supporting Memberships (5 Employees or Less)… $450
     Associate/Supporting Memberships (6-99 Employees) … $800
     Associate/Supporting Memberships (100+ Employees)… $2,400

It is important to note that a significant portion of your membership dues will go directly to subsidizing industry research, surveys and polls conducted on your behalf, since the income resulting from the sale of these types studies and research products studies rarely, if ever, cover the costs of the required research.

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    The information provided below is mandatory and will be entered into NPRC’s basic data base in aggregate form (all individual identifying information will be deleted first) and will be used to track growth and profitability among its membership. This information, as well as appropriate ratios, will be provide and updated periodically on the NPRC members-only portion of the web site at

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    0 - 6%7- 12%13 - 18%19 - 26+%


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