Mailing Study Aids Getting $15,000 Job!

NPRC just received the following unsolicited comment from a printer in North Palm Beach, FL… (P.S. You can still save 16% on this study) Check-out additional news about this study appearing below.)

“John: We do a number of mailings a month but very little EDDM. Yesterday, we were asked to price a big EDDM. Although, I could price the print price, figuring the mailing cost, aside from postage, as some what of a mystery.┬áSo, I turned to the survey and was able right away to get a good idea of what others were charging. Made my day.┬áConsidering this will be a $15,000 job-paying $147.00 for the survey was chump change.”

Big Thanks, Dennis Beck,
Minuteman Press
North Palm Beach, FL

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