Frequently Asked Questions and Help

Q: I’m trying to purchase a book from the Bookstore using Internet Explorer but I cannot check out.  What is wrong?

A: As of Jan 12, 2016 Internet explorer has been depreciated by Microsoft, meaning they no longer provide security updates or technical support for the browser.  Due to these security risks our merchant, PayPal, cannot accept orders using Internet Explorer.  If you are using Windows 10, Please use Microsoft’s new built in browser, Edge.  You can also try Google Chrome or FireFox browsers, which are free and are great alternatives that work very similarly to Internet Explorer and Edge.

I keep getting an error that I an missing something on the check out page why is that?

A: Please ensure you have filled out all of the fields including the email and shipping areas.  You can also check the “Same as Billing Address” if your shipping and billing addresses are the same to save time at check out.

I click the purchase link on the checkout page but nothing happens and an icon on my browsers bar turns red.

A: You likely have a Pop-up/Ad blocker installed.  This will keep the page from redirecting you to PayPal for the final check out.  Please disable your Pop-up blocker for


If you are still having an issue or have a question please email [email protected] or call (321) 727-2444 .

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