Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have a special question you would like us to address, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call us at 321-727-2444.

Does the industry really need another association? Not in the traditional sense. What it does need is an organization that can provide its members with targeted data-driven information and services they can use to run their businesses, which is what NPRC offers. The founders of NPRC would not have made the investment in time and energy if they thought these needs were currently being met. We believe members of any association or organization are entitled to a fair return on their investment and should expect that organization to be the primary source of industry information regarding best practices, financial ratios, pricing, wages and benefits. If your current association is not providing these services which can truly make a difference in your business, then we suggest it may be time for a change. We believe that NPRC’s unique resources and experience, put it an ideal position to deliver these services.

Will the association have a full-time Executive Director? Yes. NPRC will employ John Stewart, founder and former Executive Director of NPOA, as its full-time Executive Director. NPRC will be the only association serving the “quick and small commercial printing” segment of the industry employing a full-time individual dedicated to serving the needs of its membership. One of his primary responsibilities will be to poll the membership, both individually and collectively, to determine what projects the membership would like to see the association pursue. The executive director will be available literally 24-7 to serve the needs of NPRC members and to keep them abreast of future association projects.

Does NPRC have a board of directors? NPRC was incorporated in the State of Florida as a non-profit corporation. It will soon be applying for federal tax exempt status as a 501(c)6 corporation. Currently, its board of directors consists of Bob Hall, popular industry speaker and former Editor of Quick Printing magazine, John Stewart, author, speaker, and founder and first Executive Director of NPOA, and Mary Stewart, a 40-year printing industry veteran and owner of three different printing firms since the mid 1970s.

Who will NPRC rely upon for guidance and governance? Although NPRC was intentionally established with a minimally small board of directors, the original planning also assumed that the association would seek out and establish a board of advisers for the association. Initially we intend to rely upon a board of advisers consisting of 12-15 volunteers drawn from the membership to provide feedback, suggestions and comments on various association programs and services. If you would like to serve on such a board, please contact us by phone or email us at: [email protected]

 What should I expect for my dues? NPRC’s initial dues of $240 are extremely reasonable, and were set with the expectation that in return for lower dues, members would fully support and participate in various association surveys and research projects. Members will be provided access to an exclusive data base containing ratios and other financial figures extracted from the membership. NPRC members will also receive a 50% discount of all publications available through the association. Executive summaries of all key studies, as well as copies of all survey results, will be provided at no charge to NPRC members. Members will be given exclusive access to the results of surveys dealing with topics such as time management, succession planning, owner net worth and retirement planning.

Will NPRC be able to offer one-on-one services? – Yes, NPRC, because of its unique capabilities in terms of staffing, will offer limited advice and consulting services pertaining to financial management, company valuation services and franchise relations.

 Will NPRC have its own list serv? NPRC has no plans at the present time to create its own list serv, and instead will recommend participation in list servs such as the PrintOwners list serv, a free list available to all printers in the industry. We are prepared, however, to launch and test an industry Forum where all printers can subscribe to one or more specific topics and post questions and answers to specific topics of interest within the industry.

 Will NPRC have its own conferences? NPRC is considering sponsoring its own owner’s conference with the first one being held within 12-18 months. However, a final determination will be based on polling of the membership and determining whether the return on investment will be beneficial to the membership as a whole. Upon completion of the next Financial Benchmarking Study, NPRC will, however, undertake a series of “road shows” around the country. The “road shows” will present the findings and recommendations of this critical biennial research project. The presentations will be free to all NPRC members and offered to non-members at a modest charge.

How stringent will the association be about member participation? NPRC will make extensive efforts to encourage every member to participate in association sponsored surveys and polls, and in return will offer them exclusive access to the data and our findings. We believe that associations are at their best when they seek to actively include and involve members in the week-to-week and month-to-month activities of the association. We will be driven from the bottom up, and not from the top-down.

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