Early Stats from Digital Printing Survey

Preliminary Results at a Glance… 

With less than 12 days to go before the July 18th deadline, we can report some very brief, preliminary results from early participants in our 2016-2017 Printing Industry Digital Pricing Survey.

2016-17-digitalcoverolnprcAverage Sales – If you think you’re too small in terms of sales to participate think again. Survey participants report their average 2015 sales at $1,444,900 and are projecting sales of $,1,556,340 for 2016, an increase in sales of 7% – 2016 compared to 2015.

Median Sales – Median sales, a probably more reflective picture of our survey participants, for 2015 was $854,480 and projected to be $935,000 for 2016, or a 9% projected increase in sales for 2016.

Independents vs. FranchisesIndependents account for 75% of all our respondents with franchises accounting for 22.5%. Another 2.5% are In-plant operations.

 On-line Finishing for Color Digital Printers – Approximately 21% of all prints produced on color digital printers are finished on-line, with the remainder being finished, to one degree or another, off-line.

Variable Data – Despite speculation to the contrary, it turns out (at least so far) that less than 12% of all jobs produced on color digital printers involve “variable data” according to our preliminary data. The bulk of work produced on digital printers is indeed still “static” in nature.

#10/24 Digitally Printed Envelopes – Approximately 68% of our participants are producing digital envelopes on a digital device. Early results indicate that pricing for 500 1C envelopes is $138; 500 4C envelopes on the same device are priced at $174. Remember, this data is very preliminary in nature.

3-Part Carbonless on Color Digital Devices – The average price (preliminary) for 250 3-part forms is $265. Producing that same quantity but adding consecutive numbering brings the average price to $298.

Most Popular Digital Printers – Konica Minolta still leads the pack in terms of color device placements at 29.4%. Ricoh comes in at a close 2nd with 26.5% and Xerox in 3rd with 23.5% of total placements, according to our survey participants. The final Digital Printing Study will also report user ratings for both color and B&W digital printers. Stay tuned!

Stock Markup Practices? – According to our preliminary data, the average respondent told us that he/she would tend to markup stock costing $25 by 128%. Stock costing $100 would be marked up by 72%. Of course this data is subject to change was we begin to analyze the entire data base.

Remember, all participants who submit a survey by July 18, 2016 will receive a copy of the final 100+ page study absolutely FREE! Click here to download and print our survey worksheet.

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