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Please use the following downloadable files to help your business save time and money.

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PDFs & Spreadsheets…

Special Article –“Hiring Someone to Shop Competitors”

 NPOA_2016-17 Financial Model Revised

A Useful Goal Sheet
Here’s a brand new chart that you can download that lists specific goals to help you become a profit leader in this industry. Download the PDF of this chart here







Break-even Analysis (NEW/REVISED AS OF OCT. 29, 2012)
Here is an easy-to-use spreadsheet for calculating break-even sales

The Copier Analyst  (Excel Document)
A great spreadsheet for determining costs per copy and suggested selling prices
at specific desired profit levels

New BHR Calculator v2 5-7-14 (Excel Document)

Compliments of NPRC…
An easy-to-use spreadsheet designed to help you establish budgeted hourly rates;
This spreadsheet was revised 11-08 to incorporate “help dialog” windows for the data entry.







 What to expect when hiring a consultant (PDF File)


Download of draft letter used for making inquiries of local printers to see
if they are interested in selling their business
 (PDF File)


We frequently stress the critical importance of being able to compare your key financial ratios/percentages against other similar size firms. However, in order to do that it is necessary that everyone be on the same page when comparing percentages for categories such as cost of goods, payroll percentages and overhead expenses.

Consequently, approximately 20 years ago, NAQP adopted and established what we now refer to as an Industry Chart of Accounts.�

That chart of accounts not only establishes a basic layout or standard format (sales, cost of goods, payroll, and overhead) for a profit and loss statement, but also specified the minimum expense “categories” that firms should attempt to breakout.

Using the standard chart of accounts, NAQP surveys the industry every two years and publishes an extremely valuable document known as the Industry’s “Operating Ratio Study” or a Financial Benchmarking Study.

Click here to view a PDF of one page from this valuable study. Contact NAPL to order your own copy.



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