Digital Pricing Study Receives Praise

Testimonials continue to pour in on this just-released study

“These studies are the best source of quality
industry information available.”

 “Being located far removed from a larger city containing support services for the printing industry, our company is starved for readily available local industry related resources and information.  Over the years we have found studies by John Stewart to be a welcomed, valuable resources to help us operate our business profitably.  His latest study the ‘2016-2017 Printing Industry Digital Printing Pricing Study’ has once again proven to be an extremely useful, comprehensive study providing in depth knowledge of industry pricing for digitally produced printing.  The content of this thought provoking study is a requirement for any printing company, large or small, with a goal of producing digital work profitably.”

Skip Novakovich
Esprit Graphic Communications
Kennewick, WA

“The Digital Printing Pricing Survey is the most valuable yet. The pricing info helped us identify irregularities, bringing some prices up to increase profits, and identify high prices that were likely resulting in lost business. The equipment ratings were most valuable as we prepared our transition to all digital and new equipment decisions. Your recent report on the shift to digital was instrumental in our decision to make the shift… Your information has helped us transform into an efficient, profit making machine.”

Greg Batchelor
McCabe’s Printing Group
Fairfax, VA

“I find the study very helpful. I have been too low in some areas and too high in others. It is a great study. Also learned from this group about the way to hire a shopper which was also very helpful.” 

Peggy Hoobery 
Burdine Printing 
Arroyo Grande, CA 

“The information in the 2016 Digital pricing study helps us a great deal. Most pricing is regional so we take that in stride. But is also shares new ideas and maybe services we can charge for that we left on the table. Each year we learn new items to increase profitability and give better service to our clients.”

David Adams
Quality Printing Services
Petaluma, CA 

“Hi John,
I have participated in every one of your studies for more than 15 years. For the first 20 years in business I had to guess what the rest of the industry was doing. Then I ran across your studies. In my estimation these studies are the best source of quality industry information available. Whether it be wages, pricing, industry trends etc. these studies give me valid up to date information to run my business that is available nowhere else. Please keep up the good work!”

Jon Robson
Auburn Document Centre
Auburn, NY

“I immediately raised my digital envelope prices 5%. It more than paid for the study in less than a month.”

Bob Roenfield
Edison Press
Sanford, ME


Click above to download sample pages.

Check out entry on the Home Page of this website titled “FREE Sample Pages…” where you can actually download four sample pages from this just-released study. As always, all studies sold by NPRC and/or QP Consulting, Inc. are sold on a 100% money-back guarantee!


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