Controller Embezzles $2.8M from Printing Firm

We rarely if ever provide links to outside sources that we are unable to verify, but the following story is worth the exception. Over the years, however, we have encountered a number of stories involving fraud and embezzlement, and not all of them involved multi-million dollar firms.

It’s amazing to hear printers say that this could never happen to them because they see and sign all checks personally. No way an accountant or bookkeeper could pull the wool over their eyes!

The truth of the matter is that there are many firms with sales far less than a million that have also be victims of embezzlement. The lesson to be learned is that it can happen to firms of all sizes. Click here or the artwork above to read the story of one such embezzlement.

The Shocking Surprise – Then read the story to the end where you will find a shocking surprise!


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