Check-out Your Pricing Against National Pricing

Although NPRC has just released its newest report – The 2021-2022 Digital Color Pricing Study, it has decided to continue providing a new, easy-to-use Excel “quickie” spreadsheet that allows you to  compare prices for six popular digital products (Example: #10 Reg. Env., 3-part carbonless and postcards) against national averages.

After extensive testing, we have released this handy little tool that allows you to input pricing for six of these popular products and have the spreadsheet lookup, compare and then grade your prices against key industry averages for the same products.

CLICK HERE to download and open our special Excel File.
CAUTION – When the Excel Sheet opens, be sure to check “ENABLE EDITING” at the top of the page.

Local vs. Regional Pricing – It is important to note that, based upon more than 30 years of pricing research, prices for  products such as carbonless forms, rack cards and flyers rarely vary more than 3-6% when analyzing one regional market against the next. The same applies when comparing pricing based upon population density.

The greatest variation in pricing occurs, believe it or not, within small individual markets. While prices may vary 3-6% from one region to the next, prices may typically vary by 30% or more within small markets consisting of only 5-8 printers.

If you receive a low score for one or more prices using our spreadsheet, do not dismiss the grade/score with a comment such as, “There’s no way I can get prices like that in my market area.” Try to keep an open mind and be willing to admit that your pricing could indeed be out of date or unrealistic compared to your competition.

Eventually, we hope to have the Excel Spreadsheet open automatically upon arriving at this page but we are still doing some research. In the meantime, we figure readers will forego the fancy approach just to quickly check out their pricing as it compares to the latest pricing that appears in the 2021 Digital Color Pricing Study.

Simply enter your prices for six different items and the spreadsheet automatically compares your prices against our newest data base and provides an overall GRADE based upon our national data base.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Remember this spreadsheet is a “work in process” so it may still need significant tweaking before it gets our “blessing.” Thank you for your support. Send your comments to: [email protected]



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