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Curious about the just-released 2022-23 Bindery Services Pricing Study and trying to decide if you should purchase it?

We want to put your mind at ease with the following three suggestions:

First, as with all of our publications, it is sold on a 100% money-back basis if it turns out to be anything less than we promise. So go ahead and visit our bookstore and place your order today!

Second, we invite you to download the entire Table of Contents so you can see for yourself what this brand new study contains.

Third, download a sample page from the Bindery Pricing Study. Click here and download Page 40, Part 6, Basic Cutting Charges. This page is typical of the type of detailed information offered in this new study.

NPRC Releases Printing Industry Bindery Study

NPRC has officially release the 2022-23 Printing Industry Bindery Services Pricing Study. “After spending hours and hours of proof-reading, we finally finished the study and it is now available in our bookstore,”. notes John Stewart, Executive Director of NPRC.

This brand new study is packed with more than 3,000 average and median prices for dozens and dozens of bindery services and products. The new study also provides unit pricing where applicable plus a +/-10% price range based upon average pricing.  

Check-out the dozens of bindery operations by downloading the Bindery Study Table of Contents.  Here you will find dozens and dozens of bindery operations included in this new 100+ page report. link but as many of you know that is literally the very last thing done when publishing a report such as this. 

Participants in the 2022 Survey have already received 2-3 emails providing them with passwords and links to download their PDF of the Bindery Services Pricing Study. All of the emails were sent out between July 19-25. Every email notice was sent out by [email protected] and each subject line began with the word “URGENT.”

It is imperative, however, that you make sure that our domain, is “whitelisted” in your email software. That step will help in avoiding our email going into your spam or trash folders.

If you fail to whitelisting our domain, it is quite possible that our email and the critical links contained therein, may be redirected to spam or trash folders. As a consequence, it is quite possible that you may overlook or miss the official email and links that we will send out. Please note that as a general rule, we DO NOT and WILL NOT send out follow-up or replacement copies to participants because of your failure to properly check folders for our emails. Participants are 100% responsible for checking their email. Emails are rarely lost, they are simply misplaced or accidentally deleted by recipients.

Please note that all official email regarding our studies will come from [email protected] 

You can also visit the NPRC Bookstore for additional information and ordering. We are now processing and shipping orders. Typically, you can expect to receive your study within four hours after placing your order.

NPRC Launches New “Classifieds”

NPRC is proud to announce the launching of a brand new feature – a free Classified Section where folks can list equipment for sale, equipment they are looking for as well as other services normally found in a classified department.

The NPRC Classifieds can also be used to post job vacancies as well as by individuals seeking new employment in the industry. So if you’ve got a digital or offset press for sale, or a paper drill or creaser you’d like to move, or you are seeking a management level job in some other section of the country then visit the classifieds today.  Simply click on the “CLASSIFIEDS”  tab at the top of this page or go to: Please NO Dealer Ads. 

NPRC Report Details Newsletter Pricing

Popular NPRC report details pricing for 4-p, 8-p and 16-p newsletters. Based upon feedback from more than 165 printers from across the U.S. this new report features average and median pricing, as well as comparisons between independents and franchisees.

Also included in this 11-page report is a breakdown of pricing between large $$$ volume shops compared to smaller firms. Price for this report is Only $35 and is available for instant download.

Click Here to order your copy. Links for downloading your purchase are provided instantly upon payment. You can also order this special report by visiting our Bookstore.

Pricing Digital Envelopes – NPRC’s Newest Report

Download NPRC’s newest survey results – NPRC’s Mini-Survey #4 is now available for immediate download. This new report tackles pricing for #10/24 envelopes. The survey was conducted Jan. 24-26 with the results released exclusively to participants via email on Jan. 28 & 31. The survey attracted 114 participants.

NPRC’s latest survey tackles pricing for both regular and window envelopes, black and 4C. Although the survey was not intended to exclusively survey digital printing, 74% of those responding indicated they would use a digital printer to produce envelopes in these quantities. In fact, approximately 31% of respondents said they no longer utilize offset presses to produce envelopes in the 500 – 2,500 quantity range.

A special announcement about future surveys – The results of future surveys will be provided only to participants. Firms desiring to obtain one of surveys in the future will either have to participate in the survey itself, or pay a modest fee to purchase the reports when published, explains John Stewart, NPRC’s Executive Director.

In the past, many printers chose not to participate because they knew they would still get the results free without their participation, thus placing the burden on other printers who they trusted would complete the survey. Now the association is basically switching to a “Play or pay” approach, explains Stewart.

To download the results of our latest mini-survey, click here.

NPRC Publishes 2022 Profit Leader Ratio Sheet

NPRC has just released a brand-new, one-page sheet outlining five key ratios for industry “Profit leaders.”

The 2022 Financial Model & Goals Sheet is a one-page summary for owners who aspire to achieve or maintain “profit leader” status in the printing industry. The data is based upon statistics drawn from various statistical studies published in the past 18-24 months.

Ratios covered include Cost of Sales, Payroll Expenses, Operating Expenses, Owner’s Compensation and Sales Per Employee.

We encourage you to print-out this goal sheet and post it conspicuously in your office where you can monitor through the year.

To download your copy, click here.

NPRC Releases Survey on Typesetting Charges

Published Dec. 15, 2021

NPRC Mini-Survey Explores Typesetting
Charges and Key Industry Productivity

By John Stewart, Executive Director, NPRC

Once again, we would sincerely like to thank the owners of 123 printing firms who took the time to complete our most recent survey. Without their support and prompt participation, detailed surveys such as this would simply not be possible. Thank you very much.

NPRC is proud to present the results of its latest mini-survey. The survey was launched on Friday, Dec. 10th and Closed end of the day on Dec. 14th. While the survey data presented below is based upon 123 firms, additional responses continued to come in after the formal deadlines.  This survey covered pricing practices for basic graphic and design services in the printing industry. Below are the questions and the corresponding answers based upon our data.

#1 – Do Most Firms Impose a Minimum Typesetting Charge? Approximately 75% of our survey respondents indicated their firm “strictly” imposes or enforces a minimum typesetting charge, regardless of how small the task might be, while another 15% said they did not.

“Minimum Typesetting charge?
We say we do… but often not enforced.”

An additional 10% checked “Other” and we think their answers, although representing only 10% of those surveyed, was closer to the truth than many participants would acknowledge. Some of the comments we received included:

  • “$15 min. charge, usually waived for regular or non-abusive customers, applied to those who are abusive…”
  • “Yes, with a handful of exceptions.”
  • “We are supposed to, but many times do not.”
  • “If it takes less than about 5 minutes then no we don’t charge, say a name change on a business card.”
  • “We do about 90% of the time”
  • “Depends on the client …”
  • “We say we do… but often not enforced.”

Based upon our experiences over the years in tracking general productivity in this department, we suspect there are many owners who upon more serious reflection, would agree with one or more of the sentiments expressed above. The bottom line is we are failing miserably in tracking productivity.

To read the rest of this special report, click on the following link:



2021 Wage & Benefits Study

The 2021 NPRC Printing Industry Wage & Benefits Study is one of the most popular reports published by NPRC. It contains 150+ pages of the very latest wage and salary data for 24 key positions in the printing industry. This brand new report also covers sales and compensation practices for outside sales representatives.

Specific positions covered include general managers, production managers, Sr. and Jr. customer service representatives, Digital and Offset press operators, graphic designers as well as bindery operators and mailing specialists, just to name a few. This year’s survey also included employees assigned to producing signs and large format.


Wages & salaries are broken down based upon population density, geographic location, sales and profitability.  Discover what firms your size in similar markets are paying for specific positions such as press operators, bindery assistants and delivery technicians. Click here or the artwork to the left to download and view the Table of Contents for the 2021 Wage & Benefits Study.

Complimentary Copies Distributed – If you’re one of the 200+ firms that participated in this popular industry recent survey you should expect to receive your FREE, complimentary copy of the study between Nov. 4-6th. If you did not receive your copy please drop us an email at: [email protected].


2021 Wage & Benefits Study PDF
Price… $179.00
To order your copy, visit the NPRC Bookstore.



One of the Industry’s Most Popular Pricing Studies

CLICK HERE to download three sample pages from the 2021 Digital Color Pricing Study.

This “Must Have” pricing study features pricing for products and services such as carbonless forms, envelopes, self-cover newsletters, rack cards, postcards, 6 X 9″ and 8.5 X 11″ booklets and directories, as well as pricing for flyers, catalog sheets, click charges and stock mark-up practices, just to name a few!

View and download average and median pricing for 8-page newsletters with a finished size of 8.5 x 11″. Pricing is provide for quantities of 100, 500, 1,000 and 2,500. Per newsletter pricing is also provided to assist in pricing for other quantities as well.

Industry Pricing for 3-P Carbonless Forms

Thanks to those printers who participated in our special 3-day mini-survey for pricing for 3-part carbonless forms. A total of 68 firms (after eliminating two outliers) submitted their surveys by the Wednesday midnight deadline.

SEE END OF ARTICLE FOR NEW CHARTS & DATA added 11/5/21 at 12:30 P.M.

Below is a summary of our data. See histograms at the end of this email. Specifications asked prices for 3-P carbonless, 1-S, 8.5 x 11″, padded, black ink or toner. The survey also asked for any additional charge for number these forms. See data below.

* The prices below are within 5-7% of those reported in the most recent 2021 NPRC Digital Pricing Survey

                               500-3-P Forms         1M 3-P Forms

Average Price               $214.92                        $369.63
Median Price                $208.99                       $345.17

High Price                    $380.00                       $675.00
Low Price                     $134.05                         $205.00

78.3% of respondents indicated these forms would be produced digitally, while 21.7% said they would produce using offset.

* We plant conduct some additional sorts in the next couple of days to determine the average and median price for numbering for jobs produced digitally vs. those produced via offset.

                                 # Chg 500 3-P      # Chg 1M 3-P

Average Price                $36.50                     $50.95
Median Price                $35.00                     $51.00

High Price                    $72.00                      $95.00
Low Price                     $15.00                      $15.00

Approximately 84% of respondents said that the job could easily be produced and ready with the requested parameters – brought in Monday AM with a requested delivery for Thursday AM. The remaining 16% said they though the delivery schedule would be tight but doable.

Histograms, especially those prepared within Excel, are not the easiest or most intuitive to read and understand. The percent above each bar represents the number of respondents who provided and answer falling between the prior bar/price and up to but not including the current price or range. Both graphs (excluding the “more” in the second graph) come very close to depicting a general or standard deviation chart with approximately 68% of all responses falling within +/- one standard deviation of the average.

We will be posting much of this email on the NPRC site and we are thinking of displaying the raw data for folks to inspect. Some readers will look at the data and shake their heads saying something like, “I can’t believe folks would be charging prices this low”, while others will respond with, “I can’t believe folks charge prices that high… they must be ripping-off customers.”

Following the initial release of pricing data gathered for the above-mentioned survey, we conducted a couple of additional sorts and analyses. We separated data by method of product as indicated by our survey respondents. Even though the two production methods are distinctly different from a costing and production standpoint, the pricing for the products or services is surprisingly close, especially in terms of average prices. Note too the amazing similarity in pricing for number of carbonless forms.