Benchmarking Survey Testimonials

Why Fellow Printers Believe
This Survey is So Important…

We asked previous participants, printers just like yourself, to tell us what they thought about the value and importance of the biennial Benchmarking Survey and the Report that is published subsequently and this is what they told us:



In their own words…

“My wife and I started this company with $15K of borrowed money over 28 years ago. We never could have enjoyed all these years of successfully operating a printing company if we did not pay close attention to our costs, our competitors pricing, and particularly comparing our financial ratios to similar companies across the nation. In an every changing industry, especially one where so many others have closed their doors, success can only be achieved by constant attention to financial details. The time we spend carefully studying, and participating in the “Financial Benchmarking Study” produced by the National Printing Research Council’s John Stewart are the most valuable hours we spend on the critical business operations of our printing production company.”
Skip Novakovich, LTC, USA, (Ret)
President, Esprit Graphic Communications, Inc.
Kennewick, Washington

“The benchmark studies have been invaluable to my small business, isolated as the only printer in a small tourist town nearly an hours’ drive from our nearest colleague. The studies have provided insight into not only how our business and our pricing compares to others, but also how our compensation and benefits fit into the larger picture.”
Meredith Bullock,
Independence Press, Inc.,
Aspen CO

“I have owned a printing company for more than 24 years and have participated in just about every study published. Of all those studies, the Financial Benchmarking study is, by far, the most valuable in terms of what it will do to your bottom line. Knowing your “numbers” is essential if you are going to profitable and the Financial Benchmarking Study will give you the data necessary to increase your bottom line.”
Armand Girard
Curry Printing & Mailing
Auburn, ME

“To NPRC… I encourage you to keep up the good work with your financial benchmarking surveys. I have been in business for over 40 years, and must say this type of survey information has been a key component to our success. The survey results in the form of average and median financial ratios provide us with a meaningful comparison to others in our industry. Oftentimes the ratios serve as a motivator and a target for performance improvements. Please stress to the members that we need active participation from as many members as possible for the best results.”
Jim O’Leary
Copy Express, Inc.
Woodstock, IL

“I have always appreciated the financial ratio studies done by John Stewart. I use them often to compare the performance of ePRINT to that of the Industry. I have used them for over twenty years since the days of the original NAQP. With that much experience in the industry, John is able to track trends and advise us of where the industry is going.”
Brian O’Day
Portland Oregon

“My business would not have survived without the Ratio Studies. You are flying blind without them. A mountain is looming in the clouds and you wouldn’t even know it without charting your course in the right direction which is only possible with these studies. I’ve gone from losing money on a consistent basis to making a very good living, as much as a 46% net profit one month, 20% overall last year. The tremendous volatility from month to month and even quarter to quarter makes it very difficult to analyze how you’re doing without the very clear information you get from the ratio studies.”
Dan Huntingford
SOS Printing
Port Townsend, WA

“I participated in my first industry survey in the 1980s and I have missed very few since. The small amount of effort required is more than repaid by the valuable insight into how my colleagues are running their operations. It has made it possible for our company to thrive, and to make smarter decisions that made our survival possible going into our third decade. We have also been interested and reassured over the years of just how representative our company is of the industry. Year after year we are smack in the middle of the pack for size, sales, staffing levels, and profitability. Ignoring these studies would be like driving at night with no headlights.”
Craig K. Vestal
Portage Printing
Portage, MI

“The information in the industry studies has been an important part of the analysis of our own company. Understanding where we fall short of industry standards, as well as where we exceed them, had been valuable data in helping us plan and become even more profitable.”
Andy Miller
Newnan, GA

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