2017 Benchmark Testimonials Pour In…

If you’re having doubts as to whether you should order the latest, 2017-2018 Financial Benchmarking Study, read some of the early testimonials we have received in the past few days. This new study is available at a record-setting low, low price of only $115, including S&H. This study is sold on a 100% money-back guarantee. All orders are processed and shipped same day as received. Must be placed by 2 p.m. to be shipped same day.

Now here are some of the kind words offered by fellow printers…

Just wanted to say how good it is to see how my business is compared to others in the industry. Just a quick look at the key profit ratios – gross profit, cost of goods sold, salaries, and net profit and I know which areas of my business I need to improve. This is a great tool to help focus on the key areas to take my business in the right direction.

Manish Patel, Kwik Kopy Business Center
Frisco, TX

John, I have always (when available) used the Financial Benchmark Studies to guide my 33-year-old business. I have found it the best way to keep track of business. How else do you compare yourself to the winners and losers? I watch and follow the winners. And that’s what I consider myself. My net worth is now in the millions and I work two days a week. Working these days keeps my mind sharp and it is almost like getting paid to have a hobby.

Bill Howard, Princeton
Printer of Princeton, Princeton, NJ

While it is difficult to self-examine businesses we are close to, it helps so much to have peer review and comparison to either spur us on or pat us on the back as the case might be. It’s a great chance to come out of the minutia of a day and really get an excellent evaluation of where we are and where we can improve. Thanks for the study. I will review it frequently.

Tom Short, Trademark Printing,
Cookeville, TN

The Benchmark studies help us compare our business to others in the industry. Without it, how do you know if it’s just you having the problem or if your firm should be doing better than it is?

Michael Brown, Sir Speedy,
Havertown, PA

The Financial Benchmarking Study is one book in the Printer’s Bible. When my father passed away back in 1988, I was 26-years-old and didn’t have a lot of experience. I joined NAQP, met John Stewart, and I have participated and grown for the past 37 years because of the benchmarking value in these reports. They are priceless when it comes to knowing where the financial numbers ‘should be.’

Mike Henle, Henle Printing Co.,
Marshall, MN

The Benchmarking Study is the single most important study for success in the quick print industry. The opportunity to see where highly successful and less than successful printing companies are landing in terms of their cost of goods, payroll and their overhead ratios is a tremendous resource to be used to gauge your own business…. Are you charging enough compared to what you are spending on the products that you sell? Is your payroll in line with similar firms in today’s market? These are measurements that are readily available in the pages of the Benchmark Study.

Jeff Swales, GM, XPress Printing, Inc.,
Sisters, OR

I have been running my small print shop for 32 years. During that time I have relied on the Financial Benchmark Study to help keep me up to date with national trends. In my opinion, everyone who owns a print shop should participate, then fully read and understand what our industry is doing nationwide.

Ralph Dunavant, American Printing & Promotions,
Manassas, VA

Running the printing portion of this business is easy compared to doing the financial side. The surveys and ratio studies that John Stewart and NPRC produce are an enormous benefit. Participating and utilizing them will make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Danny Correll, First Impressions Printing & Design,
Springfield, MO

There are few resources for small to mid-size printers more valuable than the Financial Benchmarking Study John Stewart and Larry Hunt generate biennially. We use this report to evaluate where we are as a company as well as being able to to insure we are making the right decisions to remaiin viable as a company. The report shines a bright light on areas that we need to improve and reinforces our belief in what we are doing right. Without this report and other surveys produced by this team, we would be at a significant disadvantage to the larger print providers.

Jim Fairweather, Hudson Printing,
Carlsbad, CA

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