NPRC Launches New Pricing Survey

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Dear Fellow Printer – NPRC is once again launching its most popular and long-standing biennial survey – the 2023-24 Digital Color Pricing Survey.  

We’ve been producing top-notch, highly accurate pricing surveys such as this for more than 25 years, but we can’t do it without your help. We ask you to participate and complete our survey and in return we will work 24-7 in late January and February to deliver a top-notch product that will provide you with accurate pricing info for dozens and dozens of products and services.
We need the support and participation of owners such as yourself to produce these top-notch studies. As always, participants will receive a FREE PDF copy of the final study – a 100-page report that will retails for $240 or more when it is released in early March 2023.
The final study will report both average and median prices for dozens and dozens of products and services – items such as carbonless forms, digital long sheets, rack cards, postcards, 6 X 9″ and 8.5 X 11″ booklets and directories, flyers, catalog sheets, as well as click charges and stock mark-up practices just to name a few. 
#1 Worksheet to Survey – This method is the most efficient. You download and print out a survey worksheet, complete it at your leisure over a 2-3 day period. When the worksheet is completed, you will then be directed to our official on-line survey site where you will transfer your answers to the online survey. We estimate that this method entails an additional 10-15 minutes, but you have more time to complete the process. CLICK HERE  or the GREEN button below to download and print the PDF Worksheet.
#2 Direct Submission of Survey This approach is slightly faster, but is also fraught with potential problems as well, including the chance of losing all of your answers in the event you cannot complete the survey in one sitting. If you’ve participated in the past, are super fast and preparing dozens of estimates in a timely fashion then go for it, BUT it is not what we would recommend. Ideally, the on-line survey needs to be completed in one sitting.* CLICK HERE  or the RED button below to go directly to the on-line survey. *(It is possible to pause and then return to an incomplete survey and continue entering data, but we don’t guarantee that.)

NPRC Listserv Celebrates Anniversary

Approximately one year ago this month, two printers, Armand Girard and John Stewart, printers with more than 50+ years of experience between them, decided that the industry needed a new, more open listserv that would be available free to all printers. They were looking for a legitimate listserv that was open to all and did not impose special conditions like requiring  that you first join a specific trade association. They couldn’t find one so they started their own – The nprcrintownerslist.

They launched the site on Oct. 20, 2021 and advertised it using two email marketing lists. They waited four days for the 1st post. “It was like waiting for a child to be born,” recalls Stewart.

Shortly thereafter, the list started to grow slowly but surely as the word spread, according to Armand Girard. “Today, we have slightly more than 460 members. Occasionally, someone decides to unsubscribe, but then the next day we receive three or four new subscribers,” notes Girard.

Since its launch in Oct. 2021, the listserv has become the most popular list of its kind in the printing industry, featuring more than 460+ subscribers, and tens of thousands of posts on a variety of topics, ranging from special features and costs of the newest digital printers, to new ideas on marketing and hunting down elusive paper stocks and toner.

The new listserv is supported and financed solely by NPRC, and is available absolutely FREE to all owners of printing, mailing and sign firms. If you’re already familiar with listservs and how they work, simply click here and go directly to our sign-up page.

Not familiar with a listserv is or how it works? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Simply visit our special page titled “What is a Listserv?” for a quick explanation. Below is a brief list of topics discussed during one week in late September:

  • KM’s Self Service TCRU program works great!
  • A new quote – $46,900 for fully loaded Versant 280
  • Printer compares Versant 4100 against 280
  • How to avoid white streaks on Memjet Based printers 
  • Printer praises Duplo DC 618 – “Amazing machine!”
  • Morgana & Digifold both praised by Listserv members
  • Listserv Members discuss Pros & Cons of iJetColor
  • Some of the best and worst round-cornering devices

The NPRC Listserv also features an archiving tool that allows subscribers  to check “older” posts appearing prior to their joining the list. “To be honest,” Stewart notes, “we don’t think a lot of subscribers use the archive feature because once they subscribe there is so much current activity and info being shared on the list from the moment they join that people rarely find the time to go back and get caught up. Knowing that it is there, however, seems sufficient for most people.”

Download Free Page From Bindery Study

Curious about the just-released 2022-23 Bindery Services Pricing Study and trying to decide if you should purchase it?

We want to put your mind at ease with the following three suggestions:

First, as with all of our publications, it is sold on a 100% money-back basis if it turns out to be anything less than we promise. So go ahead and visit our bookstore and place your order today!

Second, we invite you to download the entire Table of Contents so you can see for yourself what this brand new study contains.

Third, download a sample page from the Bindery Pricing Study. Click here and download Page 40, Part 6, Basic Cutting Charges. This page is typical of the type of detailed information offered in this new study.

NPRC Cancels Membership Levels

“Effective immediately, NPRC will no longer accept applications for individual or group memberships,” according to John Stewart, NPRC Executive Director. “All existing memberships will, of course, continue to be honored, but existing memberships will be cancelled as they come due based upon their annual renewal date,” adds Stewart.

“Henceforth, we intend to redouble our efforts on research and publications. Our reputation as a provider of top-notch research studies and reports, remains unchallenged in the printing industry, and it will remain so as we move forward,” explains Stewart.

“We just decided that we cannot be all things to all people, and we need to concentrate and build upon on our strengths and that is clearly industry research,” adds Stewart.

“The above actions, although seemingly sudden, have actually been in the planning stage for quite awhile, it was how to announce the long-planned transition from a membership association to a ‘research’ organization that was the real challenge,” explains Stewart.

“Other than offering a 50% discount on publications, we were never in a position to offer other tangible benefits,  Consequently, we are no longer accepting new memberships applications, and we will begin immediately phasing out existing memberships by deactivating all auto-renewal memberships,” adds Stewart.

NPRC members will soon receive a letter of appreciation for their years of past financial support, according to Stewart. Effective immediately, the association’s dues “auto-renewal” feature, if previously chosen by a member, has been deactivate. Current memberships, will expire based upon their anniversary or renewal date.

Current members can continue, as they have in the past, to take advantage of the 50% discounts offered on all NPRC publications.

“One thing that will not change,” notes Stewart, “is NPRC’s on-going financial support of the printing industry’s only free listserv. Under the guidance of Armand Girard, the NPRC Printowners Listserv has grown from less than a dozen printers to almost 450 subscribers in less than one year.”

2022-23 Bindery Study Correction Notice #2

Dear Bindery Study Participants,

Once again, we apologize for the following errors brought to our attention by John Mantia, Solid Impressions, Carol Stream, IL. l

Please note that the average and median price per pad (page 49) for 100 pads, 500 pads and 1,000 pads is incorrect. The entire Bindery Study PDF has been corrected to reflect our corrections. Once again, we apologize.

To download the entire new page 49 please click here.

2022-23 Bindery Study Correction Notice #1

Dear Bindery Study Participants,

Please note that two of the headers and four prices on page 38 of our just released 2022-23 Bindery Services Pricing Study are incorrect. We apologize for this error. Below is the correct data.

To download the entire new page, click here.


Page 38, Questions #2 & #4, header for the far right column:

OLD was: 5,000 of 10, (50,000 Total)
NEW should be: 2,500 of 10, (25,000 Total)

Question #2
Average Price/M… (for that column only: $13.50
Median Price/M… (for that column only): $13.77

 Question #4
Average Price/M… (for that column only: $8.07
Median Price/M… (for that column only): $8.00

Download Bindery Study Table of Contents

NPRC has just released its 110+ page 2022-23 Bindery Services Pricing Study. This study is packed with the latest pricing for hundreds of bindery services and products.

Basic cutting charges, drilling fees, regular and NCR padding charges, digital numbering, crash numbering, traditional and digital numbering fees, off-line and in-line booklet making fees, and perfect binding are just a few of the dozens and dozens of operation covered in this just-released study.

You can download the Table of Contents here. This study reveals what printers around the country are charging for a myriad of bindery operations. According to our research data, many printers have not raised prices at all in five years or more.

“By failing to raise prices on a regular basis, many printers are leaving thousands $$$ on the table,” notes publisher John Stewart.  “We have research pricing going back six or more years and we have found many printers that have failed to even look at their bindery fees and charges,” adds Stewart.

Visit our bookstore by clicking the tab above to order this study, just click here.


NPRC Releases Printing Industry Bindery Study

NPRC has officially release the 2022-23 Printing Industry Bindery Services Pricing Study. “After spending hours and hours of proof-reading, we finally finished the study and it is now available in our bookstore,”. notes John Stewart, Executive Director of NPRC.

This brand new study is packed with more than 3,000 average and median prices for dozens and dozens of bindery services and products. The new study also provides unit pricing where applicable plus a +/-10% price range based upon average pricing.  

Check-out the dozens of bindery operations by downloading the Bindery Study Table of Contents.  Here you will find dozens and dozens of bindery operations included in this new 100+ page report. link but as many of you know that is literally the very last thing done when publishing a report such as this. 

Participants in the 2022 Survey have already received 2-3 emails providing them with passwords and links to download their PDF of the Bindery Services Pricing Study. All of the emails were sent out between July 19-25. Every email notice was sent out by [email protected] and each subject line began with the word “URGENT.”

It is imperative, however, that you make sure that our domain, is “whitelisted” in your email software. That step will help in avoiding our email going into your spam or trash folders.

If you fail to whitelisting our domain, it is quite possible that our email and the critical links contained therein, may be redirected to spam or trash folders. As a consequence, it is quite possible that you may overlook or miss the official email and links that we will send out. Please note that as a general rule, we DO NOT and WILL NOT send out follow-up or replacement copies to participants because of your failure to properly check folders for our emails. Participants are 100% responsible for checking their email. Emails are rarely lost, they are simply misplaced or accidentally deleted by recipients.

Please note that all official email regarding our studies will come from [email protected]

You can also visit the NPRC Bookstore for additional information and ordering. We are now processing and shipping orders. Typically, you can expect to receive your study within four hours after placing your order.

NPRC Launches New “Classifieds”

NPRC is proud to announce the launching of a brand new feature – a free Classified Section where folks can list equipment for sale, equipment they are looking for as well as other services normally found in a classified department.

The NPRC Classifieds can also be used to post job vacancies as well as by individuals seeking new employment in the industry. So if you’ve got a digital or offset press for sale, or a paper drill or creaser you’d like to move, or you are seeking a management level job in some other section of the country then visit the classifieds today.  Simply click on the “CLASSIFIEDS”  tab at the top of this page or go to: Please NO Dealer Ads. 

NPRC Report Details Newsletter Pricing

Popular NPRC report details pricing for 4-p, 8-p and 16-p newsletters. Based upon feedback from more than 165 printers from across the U.S. this new report features average and median pricing, as well as comparisons between independents and franchisees.

Also included in this 11-page report is a breakdown of pricing between large $$$ volume shops compared to smaller firms. Price for this report is Only $35 and is available for instant download.

Click Here to order your copy. Links for downloading your purchase are provided instantly upon payment. You can also order this special report by visiting our Bookstore.