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National Printing Research Council Seeks To
Involve Members to a Much Greater Degree

The National Printing Research Council (NPRC) is a relatively new printing industry trade association founded by industry consultant and author John Stewart and former Quick Printing magazine editor Bob Hall. The new organization is dedicated to gathering and sharing, on a confidential basis, key financial and marketing data essential to improving both profits and sales in today’s highly competitive environment. We invite you to explore this site and then seriously consider joining our new organization because we are convinced that, by working together and sharing information, every member will prosper.  

Ink well rollers on a six color sheetfed printing press.In lieu of higher dues typically charged by other trade associations, printers who join NPRC agree to become, as much as possible, active participants in association sponsored research studies and polls that we will conduct on a regular basis. We are interested in attracting members who recognize that by helping others they are indeed helping themselves. This is the basic founding principle upon which most trade associations are built.

NPRC dues are extremely modest at only $240 annually, or $28 per month with our automated monthly deduction plan. Dues for international members and associate members are equally low. Use the Membership Application Tab above or Click Here for additional information.

As part of the membership application process, all applicants will be requested to provide basic financial information about their firms. This data will be treated as completely confidential and will never be released or shared with third parties. The information will however be merged and converted into various aggregate data bases for the benefit of our members. Members will be able to conduct their own searches of this data base. 

NPRC intends to quickly become the dominant industry source for statistical data related to pricing of products and services, wages, profitability and net worth within the “small-format” printing industry. NPRC will also conduct a variety of “Five-Minute” polls designed to measure the pulse of the industry as it applies to current trends and practices. “Net Worth and Plans for the Future,” “Tips for Improving Business Valuations” and “The Continuing Erosion of Offset Printing” are just a few of the topics being considered. 

Member Involvement will always be a top priority of NPRC. If you are interested in serving in a more active capacity within the association or you have some pet projects you’d like to see NPRC tackle, then we want to hear from you. Unfortunately, in many associations, there often tends to develop a gap between the members and those individuals elected to represent them. NPRC’s structure will be quite different. NPRC promises to be far less formal in structure and far more flexible in its pursuit of practical information and research that can be of immediate benefit to its members. At NPRC projects and surveys will be measured in days and weeks, not months! NPRC will rely heavily on a board of advisers consisting of volunteers willing to go that “extra mile” to offer their time and become an integral part of the association.


NPRC intends to produce a variety of research studies and conduct survey similar in topic and format as those produced previously by QP Consulting, Inc.

Firms that choose to join NPRC will be urged to get far more involved in determining association research projects and in helping us establish priorities. We intend to actively seek out input and suggestions from our membership. While member feedback will never be formally required, we will nonetheless encourage active member involvement in our various projects. 

NPRC will constantly strive to operate in a totally transparent manner and information regarding its goals, financial strength, and membership numbers will always be available to members. We also intend to solicit the membership as to their ideas, suggestions and concerns as to what topics ought to receive top priority in terms of research. NPRC tends to follow industry tradition in providing complimentary copies of all its key research projects to all participants, regardless of whether they are association members or not.

image005However, in contrast with most other associations, NPRC plans to conduct special, dedicated surveys of its membership and the results of these surveys will only be shared with members – this approach being similar, in many respects, to how popular and very successful peer groups function, but on a much larger scale. Members who participate at this level will receive 100% access to the data acquired. Members who do not participate will still received executive summaries. As an example, the association will soon be conducting a unique survey of personal net worth and its close relationship and dependence upon company valuations. This will indeed be a unique, first-of-its-type survey. Similar surveys are also on the drawing board, the results of which will only be available to NPRC members. 

Join NPRC today – We encourage you to thoroughly explore our site. Sure, some of it is still under construction, but it will give you a pretty good idea of where we are headed in the next 12-18 months. We invite you to join with fellow printers in creating a dynamic association geared towards meeting one primary goal that believes in the premise that by working together and sharing information, every single member will prosper. Click Here to go directly to our Membership Application form.  


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