New Pricing Study Helps Maximizing Profit Opportunities

Eric Van Kerckhove is one of many printers that have written NPRC praising our latest 2021 Digital Color Pricing Study. Read what Eric has to say:

Calculating pricing based on overhead, cost of goods and labor is easy enough, it’s just numbers. Figuring out what your service is worth and what your market can bear is not so easy, especially when local competition isn’t open to the idea of having coffee and sharing their pricing!

NPRC pricing studies have helped our company understand what our market should be able to bear versus what it “feels like” our market will bear. Knowing what the competition in our region is charging, based on study results, helps me feel more confident that our pricing is competitive in our market, and that we are maximizing all profit opportunities. NPRC studies have helped turn those “feels like” guided pricing decisions into decisions guided by facts!

Eric Van Kerckhove
Allegra Print • Mail • Signs
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

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