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Thank you very much for participating in the 2017-2018 Financial Benchmarking Survey conducted in Feb-Mar 2017. We received 134 surveys by the published deadline, and although the response rate was less than we had hoped for, the “margin of error” that we achieved for key ratios such as cost of goods, payroll, overhead and owner’s compensation was outstanding at +/-4.4%.

We do have three special requests to make:

Request #1 – We realize we are “preaching to the choir” but we urge you to print the PDF as a 2-sided document and then use your favorite binding method. We believe this study is just too important to keep it simply as a reference document on your computer. It needs to be marked up, notes added in the margins and various pages paper-clipped!

Request #2 – In order for us to be able to continue publishing studies such as this in the future, we need to increase participation levels, and one of the best ways we can do that is by publishing “testimonials” from folks like yourself. Use the form at the very back of the study and fax it to us. If you prefer, just drop us an email after you’ve had a chance to review the report.

Request #3 – While we recognize it is tempting at times to share valuable information, please respect our copyright and do not share this document with anyone outside of your immediate control. Thank you.

John Stewart, Executive Director, NPRC
Bob Hall, Assistant Executive Director, NPRC

P.S. We also want to thank AccuZIP for sponsoring this valuable industry research project.

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