2017-18 Wage & Benefits Survey

2017-18wagecoverLook for this brand new survey in October. This survey has always proven to be one of the most popular and easiest to complete surveys we publish. NPRC will survey approximately 22 major positions in the small quick and small commercial printing industry segment. The survey doesn’t forget firms who are now offering either mailing services or signs and large format. Both industry segments, in terms of position descriptions and wages, are surveyed as well. 

The new survey has also added a couple of new job descriptions as well, to reflect the belt-tightening occurring in the industry and being reflected in various “combo” position, where CSRs are now often responsible for operating digital equipment and bindery operators are just as likely to be serving a dual function as a delivery person.

We expect the survey to be distributed in early October 2016 with a publication date for the final study of early December. As always, companies that participate and complete a survey will receive a FREE PDF of the final study.

Why participate? There is nothing more disruptive and potentially expensive to a company than to suddenly be faced with replacing a valuable employee that you end up losing because the hourly wage or annual salary you were paying was no longer competitive! If an owner only reviewed his/her salaries periodically, these types of situations would be far less likely to occur. This study is also ideal when you prepare to advertise for a new position or vacancy. Your ability to know in advance what certain types of positions are demanding in the industry can be a powerful tool – and a free tool if you participate.

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