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These two  pricing studies reveal up-to-the-minute pricing detail on literally hundreds of services and products available in the printing industry. Check-out exactly what is covered in these studies by clicking the links below and viewing the table of contents for each study. 

If you've ever thought about ordering
 one or both of these industry pricing studies but kept procrastinating now is the time to act. You will never be able to purchase these studies at a lower price. These studies provide average and median prices for literally hundreds of products and services offered in the printing industry - prices provided by printers just like yourself.
We aren't suggesting that you raise or lower your prices to match what we report, but we are suggesting that profit leaders in our industry do a much better job in monitoring and adjusting their pricing practices than their competitors. There's no better way to do that than to check-out the printing industry's most popular pricing studies.
2018 Digital Color Pricing Study... 
Table of Contents
2018 Bindery Services Pricing Study...
Table of Contents
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